Home should be a place of comfort, and there is something wonderfully enticing about the embrace of a soft chair, enveloping sofa, or warm bed, especially in the chillier months. If you’re looking for a comfortable, cozy place to rest your head and escape from the noise of the world a bit, then look no further. This week, we’re showcasing five designs perfectly crafted to cocoon you in a warm, comforting hug.
Lievore Altherr
Elegant and contemporary, Davos is inspired by the idea that functional design should meet multiple needs. Davos features a high backrest that adds a sense of privacy while creating an acoustical barrier from unwanted noise. The design embodies the comfort, artistry, and clean lines we like to see in a contemporary sofa. Available in four widths, a range of fabrics and leathers, and with an optional pouf.
Hans J. Wegner
Conceived in 1954, the pp530 Tub Chair was a pioneering experiment which turned out to be the most advanced shell chair designed by Hans J. Wegner. The Tub Chair is exceptionally comfortable, and with three available seating positions, it is also profoundly practical. With its unique elliptical shape, the Tub Chair is a striking example of Wegner’s commitment to true originality. Available in oak or ash in a variety of upholstery options. 
TAF Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom
The Bleck Lounge chair’s defining features are deep, comfortable seats and plush, upholstered armrests, and backs, offering a luxurious and restful seating experience. Winners of the prestigious Bruno Mathsson Award, Swedish designers Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom were inspired to design the Bleck Collection by studying the construction of stretchers on the reverse sides of oil paintings. Frame of solid beech. Multiple upholstery options available.
Dan Svarth
Regardless of how well-versed one may be in design, there are moments when a piece simply takes your breath away. Dan Svarth’s Sofa is one of those designs. Another design gem from A. Petersen, the Svarth Sofa, with its high, rounded back and surprisingly angled profile, creates an enveloping silhouette and a luxurious haven. Upholstered in natural leather with legs of solid mahogany. Also available as a two-seater sofa.

Encouraging you to sink into a space of rest and relaxation, the Yoma bed provides the visual and tactile serenity you’ve been looking for. Merging eco-conscious principles and forward-thinking design, Yoma almost appears as if it were floating. Its low frame and clean lines merge to complete an ideal bed for the modern bedroom. Yoma is customizable and features innovative sideboards and an upholstered headboard.