January 31, 2020

These days, it often feels like the plant-based trend is virtually everywhere—and as society’s passion for organic and natural lifestyle choices grows, so does the availability of organically-minded design. But plant-based is more than just a trend or buzz-word. It can be incorporated to create elegant, sustainable designs. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the absolute best that naturally-fueled design has to offer. 
Paolo Tilche
Silvia is a design that truly highlights the exceptional versatility and character of rattan furniture, and retains an airy, spacious visual lightness that is only made possible by the use of rattan as the primary material. The extra-quality rattan is shaped and transformed to create a unique, multi-dimensional silhouette that manages to look elegant in almost any environment. Silvia is a perfect reminder that natural materials can feel organic and rustic, while still contributing to cutting-edge, contemporary designs. Frame in malacca, seat in Indian cane and rattan. 
Hanna Korvela
Piccolo is made of a harmonious combination of cotton and paper yarn, whose qualities and textures compliment each other beautifully. While Paper yarn gives the rug body and rhythm, cotton brings warmth and softness. Simple and minimalist, Piccolo retains a unique sense of warmth that elevates any environment into an inviting space, and represents Korvela’s illustrious career designing contemporary rugs. Hand-woven in Finland and designed for reversible use, Piccolo is available in a wide range of colors.
Smilow Design
One of many iconic works by American designer Mel Smilow, the Rush Bench is the epitome of a classic, timeless design. The solid wooden bench features a handwoven rush seat, which offers an inviting texture that appeals to the senses both sight and touch, and is available in natural or black. Like all Smilow Furniture designs, the Rush Bench is made with the finest craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail to ensure that each piece exhibits extraordinary quality. The Woven Rush series also includes a dining chair, armchair, lounge, stool, and ottoman, allowing for an astounding degree of continuity and consistency throughout your space if desired.
Chris L. Halstrøm
In the CH Modul, solid wood and upholstery come together in perfect harmony. Minimalist and modern, the assortment of shapes, textures, and materials lends itself to a refreshingly contemporary design that combines a sofa and a chair to create a comfortable daybed featuring loose eelgrass cushions upholstered in fabric or leather. Eelgrass is a natural, flowering underwater plant that also happens to work exceptionally well as cushion material. In describing the purpose of eelgrass upholstery, Halstrøm explains: “The result is a very firm and rigorous cushion, which forms a perfect base if you want to sleep on Modul, and which incites for movement.” Sustainability, functionality, and comfort? Sounds like a match made in heaven.
Salem Van Der Swaagh
Sustainability and softness don’t have to be mutually exclusive—and in fact, they come together in perfect harmony in the SVS Pillows. Salem Van Der Swaagh is a textile designer who is committed to creating products that have both environmental and social impact. Hand-woven in Berlin, these innovative pillows are made entirely of salvaged material from industrial weaving which is then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products. Plush and elegant, just one look at the the pillows evokes an immediate sense of comfort and relaxation. Available in black or white, the SVS pillows are incredibly chic while versatile enough to fit beautifully into any modern home.
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