April 11, 2018

As our world changes, incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into our businesses has become more and more important. This week, we would like to highlight a few designs from our manufacturers who have made a commitment to bettering our environment through sustainable sourcing and production practices. 
Peter Gaebelein & Birgit Gammler, 2004
The Cena is solid wood dining or meeting table with a bevelled tabletop expertly crafted by Zeitraum. Not only do their products exude an unmistakeable sense of quality and natural style, but they are also FCS certified, meaning the wood is sourced from a sustainable forest. Additionally, the pieces are finished with natural oils and waxes. Available in a variety of tabletop shapes and heights.
Salem Van Der Swaagh
Salem Van Der Swaagh is a textile designer who is commited to creating products that have both an environmental and social impact. All of her rugs are designed and hand woven in Berlin, using 100% salvaged material from industrial weaving which is then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products.
Dan Pollock
Dan Pollock’s tables are unique, one-of-a-kind hand carved sculptures made from recycled wooden stumps found in the forests of California. When creating a sculpture, it is very important for the artist to always find sources for wood that will not require a living tree to be cut down. For our current stocklist of one-of-a-kind Pollock bowls or tables please contact the SUITE NY showroom at
Kihyun Kim, 2012
This featherlight chair weighs in at just 1.3 kilograms and was awarded Design of the Year 2012 by the Design Museum of London. An extra thin seat and back lend a delicate aesthetic. This chair—like all Zeitraum products—is available in ten different eco-friendly oak stain colors. Also available as a backless bar stool.
Ritva Puotila
The Cut Stripe rug is woven from Woodnote’s signature eco-friendly, hypoallergenic paper yarn and designed for modern residential use as well as light contract use. The design is pleasantly geoemtric, a combination of stripes divided by intersecting horizonal lines, creating rhythm and structure. The Cut Stripe carpet can be curated to be playfully multicolored or selected in a classic two-toned motif.
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