Autumn has arrived, and it’s that time of year when people gather to share great food, stories, and experiences with those they love. With the holidays approaching and the days getting shorter, it’s the perfect season to add beautiful finishes and exquisite touches to your gathering spaces. This week, we’re featuring five exceptional pieces that will bring comfort, style and thoughtful design to your dining space.
A perfect culmination of Zeitraum’s manufacturing ethos, expert craftsmanship, high quality materials, and commitment to sustainable design, Turntable Oval is a monumental dining table. Manufactured with eco-consciousness in mind, this traditionally-turned solid wood dining table is available in several sizes and a wide range of colors. Meticulously smoothed and finished with the finest natural oils, Turntable is a timeless addition to any dining space.
David Regestam
David Regestam set out to design a chair with the intention of creating a cozy and intimate seating experience. The result is Viva, an elegant and eye-catching dining chair with an emphasis on comfort. Viva’s juxtaposition of both contemporary and mid-century elements ensure that the design will blend seamlessly into a wide range of spaces. Made exclusively of environmentally sustainable materials, Viva is as eco-conscious as it is refined.
Kari Virtanen
The Seminar high table is a dining table at heart, but works just as well for impromptu cocktails or after-dinner party games. The multifaceted approach of the design makes it an ideal choice for smaller spaces and perfect for today’s casual lifestyles.  Available in solid ash, oak or birch, the Seminar High Table is available in four sizes and finished with lacquer or natural oil.
Grete Jalk
Grete Jalk was a mid-century design pioneer, whose bold, experimental designs and passion for innovative production methods made her a beloved design icon. After a lifetime of contributions to Danish design, Jalk’s dining chair stands as a beautiful testament to her life’s work. The design is subtle and sophisticated, utilizing expert craftsmanship combined highest quality materials, an exceptional way to introduce iconic Danish design sensibility into your dining area.

Rudi Merz
A testament to traditional Finnish workmanship, the Linea series is characterized by soft curves and traditional joinery. The Linea RMT6 chair’s most recognizable component is the distinctive, horseshoe-shaped back and armrest, which provides functional comfort and an intriguing visual element. The chair is made of Northern European ash with an oiled or stained finish and upholstered seat, and can easily function as an individual side chair or dining chair.