December 19, 2018

Glass-making, from vessels to decorative beads, can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In the 21st century, advances in glass technology have allowed the creation of glass objects the ancients could only dream about. This week we bring you five crystal-clear designs to transform your space.
Elena Cutolo
Elena Cutolo’s Merci Bob is an eye catching piece, a clean, minimalist design with a sense of style. Composed of four pieces of tempered glass, this high-back chair draws you in with its glistening color while portraying a soft transparency for a delicate aesthetic. Available in ten different colors and five glass finishes.
Barba Corsini & Joaquim Ruiz Millet, 1955
The Pedrera coffee table, originally designed for the loft space at famed modernist building, La Pedrera, in Barcelona. A reflection on its surroundings, the legs of this piece were inspired by the vaulted ceilings of the building—a recurring characteristic of the Pedrera collection. organically shaped and visually light, this piece is a refined addition to any interior. Top in tempered glass with a steel rod base. 
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1978
The Lari— a fine portrayal of Mangiarotti’s inventive nature. Italian architect and designer, Angelo Mangiarotti, combines simplicity of form with a touch of texture for a sculptural aesthetic in this lighting design. Composed of two shells of mouth blown glass joined together at the base for an industrial look, the Lari combines art with functional design. Base in black lacquered aluminum and steel.
Piero Lissoni, 2018
The Grid series—wired glass laminated for a perfectly smooth surface. The intricate metal pattern in the glass of this design catches your eye, yet lets it wander to what lies beneath. Sleek and geometric, the Grid is available in two different sizes. Extralight glass. 
Bodil Kjær, 1959
Elevate your interior with this stylish piece by iconic Danish designer, Bodil Kjær.  Named by it’s cross shaped acrylic base, the Cross Plexi is an ever changing object. Reflecting the light on its surface, this design visually absorbs the elements in its surrounding space. Removable glass table top. Two sizes available
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