Desks are an essential part of life. Whether working in an office, working from home, or enrolled in school, it’s likely that you’re spending a significant portion of each day seated at a desk. But the best desk is more than just a surface—it provides room to work comfortably, and opportunities for organization or collaboration. This week, we’re showcasing five desks that are sure to meet every one of your needs.
Vico Magistretti
So much more than just a desk, Reflex Secretaire is an organizational dream. Perfect for setting up a laptop or writing notes, the unit includes four drawers, a pull-out writing desk, and nine smaller cabinet spaces, all on swivel casters, allowing you to not only keep items in order, but enabling you to move your workspace as needed. The ideal companion for any workplace or home office, Reflex Secretaire is an office on wheels with a mid-century aesthetic.
Bodil Kjær
The iconic desk, designed in 1959, was the first of its kind with its pure and simplistic design, almost floating mid-air. In fact, Kjærs’ design has been called ‘the most beautiful desk in the world’ – or, the ‘James Bond desk’ as it was featured prominently in three early Bond movies. This stunning desk exudes a visual lightness, and though simple, still retains a profound sense of identity. The Office Desk is also quite functional, featuring four locking drawers to help you stay organized while protecting important documents. Aluminum frame available in red or grey lacquer.
Subtle and contemporary, Twist is a simple yet stylish desk from German design duo Formstelle. Named for its unique base with two ends that twist inward at the ground, Twist showcases the stunning presence of solid wood furniture. Meticulously smoothed and finished with the finest natural oils, Twist Office is an understated design masterpiece. Available in round, oval, or rectangular, in solid ash, oak, cherry, American walnut or European Walnut.
PK51™ | PK55™
Poul Kjærholm
PK51™ is a strikingly minimalist, mid-century table. The satin brushed stainless steel base offers an industrial edge to contrast the warmth of the ash veneer tabletop. Though designed over six decades ago, PK51™ still feels current and relevant, working beautifully in contemporary spaces. Available in two sizes, this sturdy desk provides ample space to spread out and work on important projects, while even offering enough room to work collaboratively when needed—or to just enjoy lunch without feeling crowded.
Hans J. Wegner
The perfect fit for an office, studio, or home workspace, PP571 facilitates hard work and organization without taking up too much space. Unique and geometric, the desk marks the beginning of Wegner's work combining sharp steel and sculptural solid wood to create elegant and well-balanced design solutions, and established themes that defined many of his designs to come. The scarce, organic, and reasonable yet luxurious lines became the language of shape that clearly distinguishes Wegner as one of the greatest designers of all time.