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In the age of Houzz and Pinterest, design conscious parents have a world of resources to help them design inspired rooms and play spaces for their little ones. But within the modern realm, choices narrow when products of genuine quality and durability are sought after as well. This week, we present five modern designs for kids manufactured by world-renowned craftsmen, upholsterers and artisans. Each piece is safe, practical and chock full of style – Nothing but the best for your little prince or princess.

Shope SUITENY.COM for Morph Kid modern children's chair by Formstelle for Zeitraum
Morph Kid children's chair by Formstelle for ZeitraumShop SUITE NY for the Pix upholstered ottoman by Ichiro Iwasaki for ArperShop SUITE NY for Peter's Table and Chairs wooden kids set by Hans Wegner for Carl HansenShop SUITE NY for the My modern ecofriendly striped bean bag chair by Ulla Koskinen for WoodnotesShop SUITE NY for the modern Paperback bookshelf by Studio Parade for Spectrum

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