May 08, 2019

Design Week is just around the corner, and we’re thrilled to showcase some of the most innovative designs from around the globe. To celebrate the occasion, SUITE NY will be hosting a Design Week conversation on May 17th, featuring Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi of GamFratesi, to be led by Spencer Bailey.

Whether you're an architect, interior designer, specifier, or aficionado, design week is an opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the creative and inspiring world of design. For more information on our design week activities and our Open House on May 18th and 19th please reach out to
GamFratesi, 2013
Love at first sight, or love at first sit? With GamFratesi’s Beetle Chair, the answer is both! The Beetle is a chair that pairs a simple but elegant design with extraordinary comfort. This prolific chair has made waves in the design world, quickly securing its position as a contemporary design icon. From private homes to internationally renowned restaurants, the Beetle has made a huge impact on the world of contemporary design. For an inside look into the initial inception, early design concept, and ultimate production of the iconic Beetle Chair, please join us on Friday, May 17th for an inside look at the behind-the-scenes process of creating this seminal design. For more information on this workshop please contact – limited capacity | rsvp essential.
Ole Schjøll, 2018
Along with featured designs from GamFratesi, we will also be showcasing brand new products from one of our newest Danish manufacturers, A. Petersen. Exclusively represented through Suite NY, these products will be on display in our showroom during Design Week. One of our favorites from this new collection is the OS Stool by Ole Schjøll—a result of years of design inspiration, and numerous collaborations throughout his career. The design idea has evolved over time, ultimately leading to a beautiful, functional and very durable stool—the epitome of ambitious craftsmanship and design. Featuring a braided wicker cushion and bold, curved legs, Ole Schjøll's Stool combines both rustic and contemporary elements to create a modern day classic.
GamFratesi, 2018
In celebration of our collaboration with GamFratesi for Design Week, we’re excited to also feature one of their newest designs to hit the market, the Etiquette Sofa. In line with their philosophy of  tradition and renewal, the Etiquette feels both familiar and fresh, managing to retain its own identity in a crowded category. Etiquette’s defining feature is its leather straps and ash bar, details which provide character and a unique aesthetic to further elevate an already elegant design.
Dan Svarth, 2018
Regardless of how well-versed one may be in design, there are moments when a new piece simply takes your breath away. Dan Svarth’s Sofa is one of those designs. Another design gem from A. Petersen, The Svarth Sofa, with its high, rounded back, and surprisingly angled profile creates a uniquely modern silhouette while also contributing to a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere within the sofa itself. Upholstered in natural leather and legs in mahogany.
GamFratesi, 2018
Balancing between the traditional and eccentric, the Bat Chair is created with a Scandinavian approach to crafts—simplicity and functionalism while also carrying strong references to minimalist design. Another brand new piece from GamFratesi, the Bat's flowing curves give this lounge chair a graceful and elegant appearance, and the shape creates a warm embrace while the plush seat cushion provides unmatched comfort.  Available in a high or low back. Legs available in walnut, oak, black lacquered oak, black powder-coated steel, black chrome, brass, and antique brass.
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