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Even after a tumultuous year of unprecedented challenges, design manufacturers around the globe continued to press forward and release original, exciting designs. From Denmark to Italy and everywhere in between, designers explored new ways to bring light, comfort, and functionality into our worlds and the spaces we inhabit. Whether you’re looking to elevate your bedroom, redecorate your dining room, or breathe new life into your lounge, we have exciting novelties to help you create the perfect space. This week, we’re featuring five newly-launched designs from some of our favorite brands and designers, to bring beauty and innovation into your home this year.
Inspired by traditional African masks, the Kuyu presents precision-cut table legs, which have been created specifically to carry the innovative tabletop. The cut diamonds of solid wood appear sculpturally powerful and at the same time seem to float, and in keeping with Zeitraum’s worldwide reputation for wood furniture, the designs showcase the stunning, dynamic characteristics and versatility of solid wood. Available in a wide range of creative and eye-catching shapes, as well as varying sizes and two different heights, different Kuyu tables can be combined and overlapped to create exciting formations. Available in white oiled ash, oak, colour stained oak, American cherry, American walnut, European walnut.
Giopato & Coombes
At a time when the world needs inspiration most, Giopato & Coombes continues to deliver. Elegant, austere, and contemporary, the Italian design duo has released yet another incomparable collection that looks unlike any lighting designs we’ve seen before, and stands apart from the rest of their innovative portfolio. The different shapes of the Moonstone bring together art, sculpture, and technology by combining the use of contemporary materials and techniques, such as thermoformed glass and fiberglass, with more classical elements, such as marble dust and a handmade “Battuto” finish. If you’re looking to add a touch of celestial magnificence to your space, look no further than the Moonstone lighting collection.
Britta Nehrdich
Designed to appear as if it were floating on air, Eclair is a gorgeously contemporary bed. Featuring soft contours and a minimalist frame, this visually pleasing design feels simple, stylish, and harmonious, perfect for the modern home. Eclair is exceptional at showcasing the quality and beauty of the solid wood, while the chic, upholstered cushions provide comfort as a headrest or backrest. Much like the wood frame, the cushions feature soft, rounded edges, which feel current and timeless all at once, and offer an undisturbed, carefree night of rest.
Bodil Kjær
Whether relaunching historic designs or developing entirely new design solutions, Karakter continues to push the envelope and manufacture impressive designs for all areas of the home—and the release of the Principal Dining Table is no exception. A feature of Bodil Kjaer’s Principal Series, this beautifully minimalist table was one of many designs that solidified Kjaer’s position as one of the last living, mid-century Scandinavian design pioneers and a female pioneer in the field of architecture in her time. The solid wood dining table boasts a clarified form, repeating a simple angle throughout the table legs and ends of the tabletop, while offering a sense of warmth, elegance, and sophistication.
Time & Style
The Horizontal Sofa Edition combines the best of both Italian and Japanese sensibilities, style, and values. Simple without sacrificing personality, harmonious and clean without feeling rigid, the Horizontal Sofa Edition offers a tasteful sense of modernity and style, establishing a design that is uniquely capable of fitting seamlessly into virtually any room or environment. Available in a wide range of configurations which include two-seater, three-seater, and corner upholstered elements, a chaise lounge, pouf, wood cabinet, and occasional table with a marble top can be incorporated into this wonderfully customizable design.