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In every possible way, Fritz Hansen signifies all that Danish design is meant to embody—an unmatched commitment to high quality materials, a masterful understanding of craftsmanship and production techniques, and recognizable, world-renowned aesthetics and visual sensibilities. Their designs are uniquely equipped to transform environments into an incredibly chic and sophisticated space, simply through the addition of their presence alone. Fritz Hansen’s beautiful collection features pieces from an extraordinary array of iconic designers, including Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Jaime Hayon, and more. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to provide a small glimpse into Fritz Hansen’s stunning collection.
Jaime Hayon
Fri™ has all the qualities we’ve grown to love in Fritz Hansen’s collection—contemporary yet timeless, light yet striking, highlighting the beauty and versatility of curved shapes and rounded edges. Like so many of Jaime Hayon’s designs, the Fri™ positions itself as an instant current-day icon, highlighting an impeccable intersection of exceptional design and astounding comfort. However, just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t be social—the open sides and low back of this piece were designed intentionally to help facilitate easy conversation with those around you. Available in seven different colors, including blue, dark Green, grey, and light pink.
Arne Jacobsen
The Egg™ Chair is one of history’s most well-known designs, a chair that epitomizes quintessential Danish design sensibilities while highlighting Jacobsen’s enduring creative spirit. Initially designed for the lobby and reception areas in the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the Egg™ chair draws from Jacobsen’s architectural expertise as well as his dynamic understanding of functional design. Because of the unique shape, the Egg™ guarantees a bit of privacy in otherwise public spaces and is ideal for lounge and waiting areas as well as for the home.
Sebastian Herkner
The Let™ Lounge Chair by Sebastian Herkner embodies the German designer’s excellent skills and signature aesthetic, with Fritz Hansen’s expert craftsmanship and quality. Enticingly chic, while still retaining a timeless versatility, Let™ marries an extraordinary visual sense with an understanding that lounge chairs are meant to provide warmth and comfort—and Let’s soft embrace does just that. The chair’s ergonomic structure and plush upholstery work harmoniously, epitomizing Fritz Hansen’s commitment to the Danish design principles. It is designed for a wide variety of expressions and interior styles and is suitable for commercial projects or residential use.
Poul Kjærholm
PK20™ adopts rustic and industrial material and transforms it into a chic and exciting chair, making it the perfect addition to the modern home. An exercise in contrasting materials, the sleek, steel cantilever base comes together in perfect harmony with PK20™’s wicker or leather seat, representative of Poul Kjærholm’s commitment to logical design and the ability to utilize different materials with masterly artistic finesse. The elegant curves of the chair’s low base give the piece a sense of fluidity and lightness, perfect for lounge spaces of all tastes and preferences. 
Bjarke Ingels and KiBiSi
Combining American Comfort and Scandinavian Simplicity, Via57™ is the result of a collaboration years in the making between three design powerhouses: Bjarke Ingels, KiBiSi and Fritz Hansen. The chair was designed to perfectly complement the Via 57 West courtyard skyscraper designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, and the ease and adaptability of the Via57™ chair allows for a variety of interactions: combine chairs to create a cozy sofa or conversation area, scatter throughout a large space to invoke an inviting and laid back feel, or use a single chair as a comfortable place to lounge. Whether you’re a long-time design connoisseur, or simply someone who appreciates good design, this is your ideal chair.