In the most extraordinary designs, we can gain an understanding of the designer’s creative vision—and oftentimes, these visions are not rigid. Instead, they’re full of curves and bends, twists and turns, which require highly-skilled construction techniques to build curvaceous shapes, forms, and silhouettes. This week, we’re highlighting five shapely designs to add enticing curves to any space.
Alvar Aalto
“Relax and unwind” takes on an elevated meaning in Lounge Chair 43. An exploration of the possibilities of bentwood manufacturing, the design tactfully showcases the stability and flexibility offered by birch lamella, which allows for curves and bends comparable in strength to tubular steel, but with an added warmth. The linen webbing adds a tasteful new texture and dimension, adding to an even more restful experience with Lounge Chair 43. Webbing available in black, black/blue, black/brown, natural/black, natural/white, and natural/red.
Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows
Leather, wood, and steel join together in perfect harmony in the Geometric Side Chair. Like most of BassamFellows’ designs, the design draws from clear mid-century influences while incorporating a contemporary edge. Leather wrapping provides extra comfort and support by connecting the two structural elements of the chair’s tubular, bent steel back and frame, while also adding a stylish visual detail. Frame in nickel or bronze. Seat in ash or walnut. Leather seat cushion optional.
Hans J. Wegner
The idea of making a chair based on the most simple and elegant shape of them all, the circle, remained a distant dream until Hans J. Wegner completed this design at the age of 72. The project spanned his entire career and became one of his most visionary endeavors, as very few designs express the incorporation of geometric shapes as effectively and profoundly as this extraordinary design. Versatile and comfortable, the PP130 is light and transparent, practical and flexible, and easy to move around, fitting into almost any interior.
In Fragment of a Spiral, rattan cane is removed from its typical context and manipulated into a mesmerizing circular shape. The resulting spiral’s tension is fixed with rope and installed in a black coated aluminum frame, generating an intriguing appearance that keeps the spectator waiting for a potential performance. Fragment of a Spiral is produced in collaboration with Bonacina 1889. Available with white or black background. Limited Edition of 20.

Poul Kjærholm
PK20™ incorporates organic and industrial materials, making it the perfect addition to the modern home. The sleek, steel cantilever base comes together in perfect harmony with the wicker or leather seat, representative of Poul Kjærholm’s commitment to logical design, as well as his ability to utilize different materials with masterful finesse. The elegant curves of the chair’s spring steel base give the piece a sense of fluidity and lightness, perfect for lounges of all tastes and preferences. Available in wicker or leather.