Throughout the ages, both mythological and real creatures have left paw prints on the world of art and design, injecting a source of wild inspiration into creative designs. Animals represent cultural values, regional characteristics, and the beauty of nature, so it’s no surprise that designers often reference them in their work. While some designs include clear references to their animal namesakes, others are more symbolic. No matter the approach, animal influences bring a touch of the wild into our domesticated interior worlds. This week, we’re highlighting five designs from our collection that draw you in with their animal magnetism.
Arne Jacobsen
Is there anything more graceful than a swan? The Swan Chair is a flowing, elegant design, utilizing only curves without any straight lines, originally designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen. A keen observer of nature, many of Jacobsen’s designs are inspired by creatures including ants, giraffes and swans. This iconic chair is one of Jacobsen’s most renowned works and represents Danish design excellence. The Swan Chair is ideal for lounging and works perfectly in both contemporary and classic settings. Available in a variety of upholstery and metal finishes.
Fabricius & Kastholm
The sleek legs of the FK87 beautifully mirror the poised silhouette of a grasshopper preparing to leap. The contrast between the polished steel frame, paired with the cushioned, textural upholstery and leather-wrapped armrests, tastefully mimic the graceful form of this remarkable creature. Grasshopper is a prime example of Fabricius & Kastholm’s core values, which feel ever-present in this iconic design. Upholstery available in multiple leather options.
Though you’d never know it wasn’t named for an actual furry beast, Wulff was created in 1938 and named for its designer, Jorgen Wolff. In longhair or sheered sheepskin upholstery, Wulff offers an irresistibly comfortable seat, tempting the Little Red Riding Hood in each of us. Wulff showcases multiple luxurious upholstery options and an elegant hardwood frame. Legs available in oiled oak or oiled walnut.
Hans J. Wegner
Allow yourself to be embraced by the great bear paws of this timeless easy chair. A Masterpiece from iconic designer Hans Wegner, the Papa Bear Chair is an investment in luxury. Its robust form beckons you to sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort provided by its tailored upholstery and handcrafted solid wood frame. Customized upholstery in multiple fine leather or fabric options. Paws and legs available in a variety of solid wood options.

For the Beetle Chair, GamFratesi became captivated by the idea of translating the form of a beetle into a product for the home. The pair drew on the form and function of an archetypal beetle to create an iconic and ergonomic chair with a hard, yet supple, two-part outer shell with a comfortable inner surface. The Beetle chair is a beautiful piece of furniture which has made waves in the design world, quickly securing its position as a contemporary design icon.