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In contrast to the August heat, we’re finding ourselves transfixed on thoughts of escaping with cooler materials, such as stone, metal, and glass. These materials evoke a mindset of the seasons and senses to come—white marble reminiscent of snow-capped mountains or glass that stirs memories of the mirrored surface of a crystal-blue lake. When integrated into a table design, they deliver a crisp, polished feel that marries functionality with aesthetics. This week, we’re highlighting five captivating table designs which feature materials that are irresistibly cool to the touch.
Patricia Urquiola
Named for a Simoon, a “hot, sand-laden desert wind,” design icon Patricia Urquiola created a cool, textured glass table that instantly invites you to run your fingers over its surface which is coated with a fine grit made from ground Murano glass. Urquiola consistently employs a masterful understanding of color, light, and form, mixing these elements with unmatched expertise. Available in amethyst, light blue and topaz.
Poul Kjærholm
The PK61A™ is an enlarged version of Poul Kjærholm’s PK61™ low table. Choose from a trio of tabletop materials—timeless granite, opulent marble, or sleek glass. The surface not only serves as a canvas for your style but also adds a tactile pleasure—cool to the touch, a respite from the summer’s warmth. The architectural base of satin stainless steel is crafted meticulously, resulting in a minimalist masterpiece.
HB 120
Horst Brüning
In 1963, Horst Brüning set up an architecture and design office in Stuttgart, Germany. During this time, he came in contact with architect duo Fabricius & Kastholm, which led to international recognition and success, and inspired the birth of the HB 120 Dining Table. This enduring classic is the epitome of sleekness, combining metallic chrome-plated steel with a tabletop available in glass or marble. The repetition of circles in the design leads to a beautiful harmony, which is enhanced by how the base and tabletop complement one another through contrasting materials. The result is a timeless table with the potential to fully transform your dining space.
Luca Nichetto
Is it a work of art, or a side table? With the Lato table, the answer is both. Eye-catching, graphic and poetic, Lato is an exercise in balance and simplicity, with different shapes and materials joining together. Designer Luca Nichetto explains: “With Lato, I wanted to keep the simplicity and streamline it into a timeless side table in a style that could easily be the center of attention.” Available in warm black and Emperador marble, or ivory white and Cream Diva marble.

Like a functional work of art, the Lust Console Table is a gorgeous exercise in how to most meaningfully display prized materials. In this case, Entrelacs’ have explored the limitless potential of patinated bronze and marble, merging two cool-to-the-touch materials into one elegant design. The console makes a luxurious addition to the modern home, and positions itself as an instant statement piece, while blending effortlessly into both contemporary and mid-century spaces.