Summer’s not over yet, and as the September heat rages on, why not explore some sleek items to cool down your space? While upholstery and fabric often provide a sense of warmth, designs which incorporate stone, metal and glass offer a welcome coolness and create opportunities for fantastic juxtapositions of texture and material within your environment. Additionally, items designed with these cool-to-the-touch materials have provided designers with opportunities to test new skills and explore new ways of creating, which then adorn our homes and workplaces with eye-catching, long-lasting designs. This week, we’re highlighting five items that explore the “cooler” side of design to help you beat the Summer heat.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Few designs display the true beauty of solid marble with the grace and elegance of the M Table. Iconic Italian designer Angelo Mangiarotti received worldwide acclaim, throughout his lifetime and after, for his incredible work with marble, and the M Table represents his first foray into working with this material. The design is an instant statement piece, tastefully commanding attention and allowing itself to function as a stylish and sophisticated focal point for any room. Available in white Carrara marble, grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or black Marquina marble with a turned central stand, this sleek stone design can be tailored to fit your space and color preferences.
Jean-Marie Massaud
A chaise lounge made entirely of glass? You’ve caught our attention. Extraordinarily contemporary and impressively sleek, the I-Beam almost feels futuristic, and offers an undeniable feeling of modernity in any space. The I-Beam is made by gluing together three slabs of smoked glass, a trustworthy technique that also creates a sense of minimalism and simplicity, removing the need for excessive materials and hardware. Removable cushions are available in black fabric, adding a touch of comfort to this stunning design. Collection also includes a bench and low tables.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Another stunning design by Angelo Mangiarotti, the SK207 was just relaunched last year and received instant praise. Much like the M Table represents Mangiarotti’s initial foray into marble, the SK207 is the designer’s first exploration into working with yet another cool material—metal. And in the SK207, Mangiarotti employs the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, a long and elaborate process, typically associated with the production of sculptures and not suitable for large-scale manufacturing, which results in each table being entirely unique from the others, as the mold itself needs to be destroyed in order to extract the item. With its conical bronze base and striking marble tabletop, SK207 is an unquestionable statement piece for the contemporary home.
Piero Lissoni
Celeste is a beautifully contemporary mirror, inventive and playful, capable of creating surreal effects due to the three magnifying portholes fixed on its flat surface. In the spirit of Glas Italia’s commitment to innovation and pushing the design envelope, each porthole has a different diameter and degree of magnification, allowing for varied perspectives and a surreal experience, all in one mirror. Celeste has a delicate, bevelled edge on its perimeter under the silvered surface, which elegantly refines and enhances the mirror’s appearance. Available in two sizes, circular or oblong, in extralight glass.
HB 120
Horst Brüning
In 1963, Horst Brüning set up an architecture and design office in Stuttgart, Germany. During this time, he came in contact with architect duo Fabricius & Kastholm, which ultimately led to international recognition and success. It was in this period in the late 60’s that the HB 120 Dining Table was born. Produced today by Lange Production, HB 120 is an enduring classic. The epitome of sleekness, HB120 combines cool, metallic chrome-plated steel with a tabletop available in glass or marble.  The repetition of circles in the design leads to a beautiful harmony, which is only enhanced by the ways in which the base and tabletop compliment one another through contrasting materials, and the result is an undeniably modern table with the potential to transform and define your dining space. Tabletop available in glass or marble, base available in chrome-plated or black-powdercoated steel.