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Last week, our newsletter featured some of our favorite all-white designs. Now, we’re taking things in an entirely different direction, and highlighting some of the more colorful pieces in our collection. Color truly is, in its own way, a language: the colors we choose when decorating and designing interior spaces speak to the intended nature of the space, and determine the mood and feeling evoked by being there. Color, whether used sparingly or generously, can transform the simplest room into a world of its own. This week, we’re excited to showcase five designs to help you add a much-needed pop of color into your space.
Space Copenhagen
Without question, Loafer is an eye-catching chair. Sporting a unique silhouette, clean lines, and plush upholstery, this striking and elegant design makes itself perfectly at home in both residential dining rooms or commercial settings such as lounges, museums, and restaurants. Already stunning, Loafer becomes utterly irresistible when upholstered in bright colors. In fact, we’ve also found that this gorgeous chair can be the perfect tool to introduce color and comfort into office settings, as well, proving that this chic and comfortable chair caters to a variety of uses and spaces, providing art deco sophistication and an elevated sense of style wherever it’s placed.
Patricia Urquiola
This copper glass table by beloved designer, Patricia Urquiola—known for wielding a masterful understanding of color in many of her designs—brings the warm, rich colors of a sunset into any space it occupies. In keeping with the designer’s innovative portfolio, L.A. Sunset is a study in the relationship between color and light, defined by beautiful tones and subtle shifts in color. The top, in laminated glass with opaline finish, is a palette of colors blending and mixing with one another like vapor or fluids, disguising the solid state of the material. This dynamic table comes to life as light moves through the room, creating an ambiance and environment unlike any other. Available in midnight blue or pearly copper.
Giopato & Coombes
Giopato & Coombes are known for creating incredibly innovative designs, and once again, they do not disappoint. Ornate, playful, and whimsical, the Flauti suspension lamp is an entirely unique pendant light design. Available in a wide range of unique color combinations, Flauti is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your space while still showcasing stylish, elegant, and contemporary designs. Made entirely out of mouth-blown Murano glass, the modules mix different traditional techniques of Murano glass-blowing such as “ballotòn” and “filigrana,” and match historical Venetian colors that recall romantic sunsets over the floating Italian city.
Line Depping
Even the simplest, most utilitarian items can be made infinitely more beautiful with a touch of color, and there is something exciting about a new design that reinvents a familiar concept. Line Depping’s Tool Boxes is a prime example of the exceptional difference that expert design—and tasteful color choices—can make to a simple, household item. Depping designed this piece with the intention of proving that toolboxes can be more than just practical; they can be beautiful, as well. Ideal for daily use, Tool Boxes allows you to organize everyday items in a design that incorporates both usefulness and aesthetics. Each drawer takes hours to make, and only the highest quality materials are selected to use.
Piero Lissoni
The Magic Box storage cabinets find themselves at the intersection of Italian style, delicacy, and supreme functionality, manufactured by none other than Italian design powerhouse, Glas Italia. These glass compartments are available in a rainbow of colors with mirrored insides and clear glass shelves, a reminder that home storage doesn’t have to be mundane. Made in sturdy 10mm thick tempered glass, they can hold a great number of objects. The mirrored back and base of the interior give the illusion that the storage space is twice as deep, allowing the design to feel incredibly spacious without taking up too much physical space. Available in eight sizes, with glass finish available in 18 color options, in glossy or opaque lacquered glass.