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Is there anything more satisfying than the feeling as you lie down onto a comfortable chaise lounge? The history of the chaise dates back to ancient Egypt, but more modern versions draw their influence from 16th century France, where designers created an elongated chair that would allow French royalty and nobility to rest and recline without the need to move to the bedroom. Offering more flexibility and movement than a couch or lounge chair, without requiring the space needed for a bed, the chaise is a fabulous addition to any home. This week, we’re highlighting five chaise lounges that will allow you to live like royalty, and relax anywhere in your home in comfort and style.
Greta Grossman
Perfectly angled for lounging, the shape, and structure of the GMG Chaise mirror the body’s natural curves for optimal relaxation. The chaise seems to float upon its distinctive, slender legs, which are a signature of Greta Grossman’s work. Exhibiting a refreshing visual lightness, the chaise seems to float upon its distinctive metal legs while the plush cushion lends itself to provide supreme comfort. Representing a link between European design and American modernism, Greta Grossman combined her Swedish fondness for form and texture with a design meant for bright and open spaces. Whether indoors or out, while enjoying a book or a glass of wine, the GMG Chaise allows you to take relaxation to a whole new level.
Smilow Design
Judy Smilow designed this daybed with the intention of complimenting her father Mel Smilow’s iconic woven rush designs, which made their original debut in the 1950’s. The solid wood frame accented by the meticulously hand woven rush seat, leather cushion and headrest come together in classic Smilow fashion, creating a beautiful mid-century modern piece. The daybed is offered in walnut or ash in natural finish, with handwoven rush in natural or black. The Rush daybed looks elegant when placed on its own, but also looks flawless when placed alongside other designs from Mel Smilow’s Woven Rush collection.
Fabricius & Kastholm
The FK87 Grasshopper exudes mid-century appeal in a way that simply never goes out of style. The contrast between the sleek steel frame, beautiful upholstery, and leather-wrapped armrests create an exceptional visual cohesion, establishing a design that simply radiates style and sophistication. Timelessly chic, Grasshopper is a prime example of Fabricius & Kastholm’s core values, which feel ever-present in this iconic design—elegant, refined, and crafted with an extraordinary sense of functionality, detail, and quality. Available with black, natural or maroon leather cushions.
Mid-century appeal and superior comfort intersect flawlessly in BassamFellows’ Geometric Daybed. Marrying gorgeous leather upholstery with steel tubing and an elegant wooden seat deck, the design is certainly easy on the eyes, while still providing extraordinary comfort and relaxation. The craftsmanship and production techniques employed in the daybed’s manufacturing are a testament to BassamFellow’s expertise, and ensure that the design upholds the brand’s commitment to quality and longevity. Effortlessly stylish, this versatile design works well in a wide range of settings, from residential to commercial to office and everything in between, as well as in spaces of traditional, mid-century, and contemporary tastes. The Geometric Daybed is truly everything you need and more.
Hans J. Wegner
Why should the comfort and luxury of a chaise lounge be limited to the inside of your home? With the PP524, all the features we love in a chaise can now be brought outside. Taking influence from previous Wegner designs, this deck chair is an elegant and minimalist testament to the diversity and depth of the designer’s vision—and with four different positions and an upholstered neck cushion, the design was created to optimize maximum comfort. Though not intended for permanent outdoor use, the PP524’s flag line and light construction will encourage one to bring it out to enjoy a sunny afternoon under the blue sky. Frame available in soap treated oak or ash.