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Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 SAFETY GUIDELINES Showroom Hours: Taking Appointments Mon-Thursday 9 AM - 4 PM. Sales associates will be available via phone or email Mon-Thursday 9 AM - 6 PM and on Fridays 9 AM - 2 PM. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us at SUITE NY, which is why we've come up with the following safety guidelines: Visits to the showroom [...]

Dogs On Chairs: 1.3 Stool

Dogs on Chairs: 1.3 Stool The incredibly handsome Zeppelin recently enjoyed a day of exploring the SUITE New York showroom in hopes of finding the perfect dining stool for a refined Boston Terrier/Pug such as himself. While there are many stunning pieces displayed on the showroom floor,"Zep" as he is lovingly referred to by those closest to him, was immediately attracted [...]

Pug Lounge Chair, SUITE NY's Zoe Outdoor Lounge

Dogs On Chairs : Zoe Outdoor Lounge

Dogs on Chairs : Zoe Outdoor Lounge Pug-siblings Tuna and Moby of Willliamsburg enjoy SUITE NY's Zoe Outdoor lounge chair on a hot summer day. Neutral coloring, (fawn and black,) ensure Moby and Tuna look good on just about anything. The New York power couple gravitated toward the beige striped version although the navy blue is just as beautiful. [...]

The Juno chair and Ginger table by Italian manufacturer Arper

Juno & Ginger

JUNO & GINGER The Juno chair and Ginger table by Italian manufacturer Arper were installed at an outdoor café for Venice’s Biennale, a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place once every two years.  The stackable Juno chair (a 2012 design) is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and available in white, sand, anthracite, orange [...]

Color Story : Rainbow Bright

COLOR STORY : RAINBOW BRIGHT Crisp, clean and of course, neutral; layers of white allow one to experiment with a rainbow of colors when it comes to accessories. To the right, a lovely bedroom by our talented creative director, Chris Kraig of Chris Kraig Studio, is all about clean lines and natural light.  However, when summer [...]

Reading List: Tomboy Style

READING LIST: TOMBOY STYLE Lizzie Garret Mettler does it all. Design Watcher, a favorite SUITE New York design blog from the past, segued in to a side project for Ms. Mettler, Tomboy Style. Quicker than you can say cut-offs,  a cult following catapulted Lizzie and Tomboy Style into the spotlight with a fantastic coffee table book published [...]