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As Seen In Dujour Magazine

  AS SEEN IN DUJOUR MAGAZINE The L.A Sunset tables by Patricia Urquiola made an appearance in the 2019 Fall issue of Dujour Magazine. Featured by Jessie Ajluni, the L.A. sunset is shown in a beautiful copper finish, highlighting the designer's penchant for playing with the relationship between color and light The top, in laminated glass with opaline finish, is [...]

As Seen In Aspire Design And Home Magazine

AS SEEN IN ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME MAGAZINE SUITE NY's Flag Halyard chair by Hans J. Wegner made an appearance in the 2019 fall issue of Aspire Design and Home Magazine. Featured by Laura Soles, the pp225, more commonly referred to as the Flag Halyard chair, received a noteworthy mention on its unique silhouette and material composition. Paying [...]

As Seen In Dujour Magazine

AS SEEN IN DUJOUR MAGAZINE SUITE NY made an appearance in the summer issue of DuJour Magazine with the Gregg Outdoor Lamp by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. Featured by Jessie Ajluni, this outdoor design received a mention in the Miami Nice feature, a story highlighting the must-have items for the season as you elevate your outdoor spaces with [...]

As Seen In Interior Design’s Spring Market Tabloid

AS SEEN IN INTERIOR DESIGN'S SPRING MARKET TABLOID Interior Design Magazine has long been a renowned design authority within the industry for many professionals and design aficionados. Featured in this year's Spring Market Tabloid, our Friday Night Bed by Formstelle was listed in the Heavenly Slumber section as a design sure to help you sleep soundly. This casual, [...]

As Seen In Western Art & Architecture

As seen in Western Art & Architecture Featured by Shari Morrison in the February/March issue of Western Art & Architecture, the Celeste Mirror by Piero Lissoni made an appearance in the "Things We Love" story. This Italian piece by Glas Italia's creative director is inventive and playful. Featuring magnifying portholes in its surface, the reflections on this [...]

As Seen In Ctc&g (connecticut Cottages & Gardens)

As seen in CTC&G (Connecticut Cottages & Gardens) In the November 2018 issue of CTC&G, Suite NY's Rush Daybed by Judy Smilow was featured in "The Handmade Tale" by Mary Fitzgerald. The Woven Rush Daybed is a modern addition to Mel Smilow's Rush Collection, originally designed in 1956. The late Judy Smilow was a champion of [...]

As Seen In Nyc&g (new York Cottages & Gardens)

As seen in NYC&G (New York Cottages & Gardens) In the September 2018 issue of NYC&G, Suite NY's Plisse table by Italian architect, Mario Bellini, was featured in "Shop Talk: design discoveries from New York and beyond" by Caitlin St. John.  The perfect piece to display your reading material or other decorative objects, the Plisse is made entirely [...]

Aspire Design And Home: Bodil KjÆr

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME: BODIL KJÆR Bodil Kjær was featured by Michele Keith in the Fall 2018 issue of Aspire Design and Home Magazine as "The Great Dane of Design." With a focus on Kjær's collection, Elements of Architecture, Keith writes about the 86-year-old designer and her approach towards functional design as solutions to the problems and inconveniences [...]

Boston Home: Ikebana And Door Stopper

BOSTON HOME: Ikebana and Door Stopper In the Fall 2018 issue of Bostom Home Magazine, Suite NY's Ikebana vase by Jaime Hayon was featured in editor's picks by editor at-large, Kara Butterfield, on her choice of brass essentials. Focusing on the metallic aspect of this trend, this issue's picks aim to bring light and luster to any interior. [...]

Western Art & Architecture: Pp502

WESTERN ART & ARCHITECTURE: PP502 In the August/September issue of Western Art & Architecture, Suite NY's PP502 Swivel Chair was featured in the "Things We Love" story as a piece that was designed with a focus on both ergonomics and aesthetics. The PP502 was designed by Hans J. Wegner for PP Møbler in 1952 with the intention [...]

Architectural Digest: Jp Bowls

ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST: JP Bowls In the March 2017 issue of Architectural Digest, SUITE NY's JP Bowls by John Pawson were featured in a story by editor Mitchell Owens on the Manhattan home of antiques dealer Jill Dienst of Dienstanddotter. The home, designed by John Pawson himself, is a lesson in restraint; a modern and well thought-out blank backdrop [...]

Bloomberg: Layers Cabinet

BLOOMBERG: Layers Cabinet Filling an entire page in the December issue of Bloomberg Pursuits is the new Layers cabinet by world renowned designer Nendo for Glas Italia. With quotes from Glas Italia's Export Manager, Flavio Parlato and SUITE NY's very own Principal, Maria Sepulveda, this story is worth a read! [...]

Interior Design: Fall Market Tabloid

INTERIOR DESIGN: Fall Market Tabloid Featured in the Interior Design Magazine Fall Market Guide is Tokujin Yoshioka's Prism Partition. Described as a "funhouse mirror," Yoshioka's design for Glas Italia is an eye-catching and innovative take on room separation. [...]

Elle Decor: Palette Desk

ELLE DECOR: Palette Desk In the September Issue of Elle Decor, the Palette Desk designed by Jaime Hayon for &Tradition was featured in the magazine's Truth in Decorating segment. Described as "a true sculpture," this desk is a unique addition to any home office. [...]

T Magazine: Hb Bar Cart

T MAGAZINE: HB Bar Cart In the September 11th, 2016 issue of T Magazine, The New York Times Style Magazine, SUITE NY's HB Bar Cart was featured as one of the top modern bar carts on the market today. The HB Bar Cart was originally designed by Horst Brüning in 1968 and [...]

New York Spaces: The Goods

NEW YORK SPACES: The Goods The Spring 2016 issue of New York Spaces magazine featured several SUITE NY designs, including our two-tone Parentesit acoustic wall panels by Arper and deep Saari lounge chair on the cover, our Big Stripe ecofriendly rug by Ritva Puotila, and Kate Hume's colorful [...]