Spotlight On Patricia Urquiola

In every possible way, Patricia Urquiola is in a league of her own. Born in 1961 in Hidalgo, Spain, this powerhouse of a designer studied architecture and design in Madrid before graduating from the Milan Politecnico in 1989 and studying under some of Italy’s most iconic designers, including Vico Magistretti and Achille Castiglioni, and then opening her own studio in 2001. Urquiola’s designs often feel as though they transcend time and space, expressing the designer’s spectacular vision of a world filled with unique and colorful beauty. We’re proud to feature a wide range of Urquiola’s designs in our collection, and this week, we’re highlighting five of our favorites to provide an introduction into her extraordinary body of work.

Suite Finds

Over the last 14 years, our curated collection has grown to feature a myriad of designers and manufacturers from around the globe—and with thousands of items on our website and hundreds in our Park Avenue showroom, you might be surprised at some of the unexpected hidden gems you can find at SUITE NY. With designs ranging from modern classics to contemporary icons, and everything in between, there are countless items that offer something incredibly unique, allowing you to transform your space into something truly spectacular. This week, we’re highlighting five items you might not have known we had in our collection, but that are sure to offer inspiration, innovation, and excitement.

Spotlight On Dan Pollock

Born and raised in Southern California, Dan Pollock has spent the past three decades creating bold, handmade wooden designs from his fifteen-acre ranch, located in the High Desert at the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest. As a woodsman-turned-artist, Pollock’s work is inspired by a deep love and appreciation for the forest, and the tranquility of woodland environments.

Cool To The Touch

Summerís not over yet, and as the September heat rages on, why not explore some sleek items to cool down your space? While upholstery and fabric often provide a sense of warmth, designs which incorporate stone, metal and glass offer a welcome coolness and create opportunities for fantastic juxtapositions of texture and material within your environment. Additionally, items designed with these cool-to-the-touch materials have provided designers with opportunities to test new skills and explore new ways of creating, which then adorn our homes and workplaces with eye-catching, long-lasting designs. This week, weíre highlighting five items that explore the ìcoolerî side of design to help you beat the Summer heat.

It’s All In The Details

When designing a space, it’s the details and accessories that truly create meaningful environments. Whether you’re creating a home, workspace, or commercial setting, the smaller additions will set the tone for a space that feels humanized, personal, and intentional. Accessories also create opportunities for personalization; details added to the kitchen vary greatly from details incorporated into the bedroom, allowing each room to develop an identity of its own. This week, we’re highlighting five exceptional accessories to help tie your space together and add the finishing touches to any room that needs a little bit of extra character.

Work From Home

As the world continues navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are working from home. In fact, many companies are making the bold choice of closing their offices and permanently shifting to remote work. Home offices allow us to integrate our own tastes and preferences into our workspace, creating an overall more pleasant work experience, while allowing us to consider every aspect of our environment: comfort, functionality, style, convenience, and spatial constraints. Ultimately, the more we enjoy our workspace, the more productive and efficient we are—so this week, we’re highlighting five items to help you transform your home office into something truly special.