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At SUITE NY, we cultivate a deep commitment to sustainable, elegant, and functional designs. Our relationship with Nikari, a Finnish design studio and furniture manufacturer, is such a natural and seamless fit. Each piece in Nikari's collection is designed to honor the beauty of natural wood, utilizing the qualities of this material. This week, we’re excited to showcase five of our favorite designs from Nikari—we’re certain you’ll fall in love just as quickly as we did.

Autumn Entertaining

Autumn brings cool, crisp air, and with it, the promise of social gatherings as the holidays approach. Chic designs do more than just facilitate meals and get-togethers—they serve as a foundation upon which cherished memories can be made and provide an environment that fosters warmth and togetherness. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to elevate your entertaining game this Fall season.

Meditative Pieces

In today’s busy world, design can help create a calming mood in our environments by incorporating pieces that provide a sense of relaxation. Intentional decisions around color, texture, material, and shape can allow a home to feel like a sanctuary, offering a reprive from our daily stressors. This week, we’re highlighting five meditative designs to introduce peace and tranquility into your space.


Room dividers are a beautiful tool for separating spaces and creating different atmospheres within environments. By nature, they also serve as a blank canvas, allowing designers to exercise their true creativity and artistic expression. This week, we’re showcasing five stylish screens to add privacy, organization and visual depth to your space.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting has the power to transform the physical appearance, mood, and energy of a space. No matter the setting, ambient lighting can create environments that feel warm and inviting. Lighting can directly affect our emotions, underlining the importance of choosing the right lighting within the home. This week, we’re highlighting five luxurious lighting designs to add warmth and ambiance to your space.

Functional Art

While the best designs for the home incorporate functionality and convenience, it takes creativity to transform a design into something truly spectacular. In many of our favorite pieces, the lines between art and design are intentionally blurred, allowing us to adorn our spaces with functional works of art. This week, we’re highlighting five designs in our collection that embody the unique interplay between form and function.


The perfect reading space requires a range of components—shelving to store your favorite literary treasures, a comfortable chair, and a coffee table to tie your space together. Whether you’re designing a reading nook or home library, the pieces you choose are essential for adding style, comfort, and functionality. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to enhance and elevate libraries of any size.

On The Floor

Our creative team meticulously curates featured pieces in our Park Avenue showroom, with new designs rotating in and out each season. More than a space to browse furniture, the showroom is a transformative, sensory experience, where the designs in our collection can be seen, felt, and interacted with. This week, we’re highlighting five of our favorite items currently available to view on our showroom floor.


Upholstery can take a design from functional to extraordinary through the integration of textures, colors, and patterns. Whether you prefer muted tones or vibrant hues, smooth or textured, the SUITE NY team can help you pinpoint the perfect upholstery option to complete your design vision. This week, we’re highlighting five upholstered items, from furniture to art, which provide a glimpse into the possibilities.


Throughout the last several years, companies have adjusted their structures and allowed more employees to work from home. Subsequently, many people have shifted focus to develop comfortable, beautiful, and functional home offices. We’re thrilled to offer an extensive range of designs within our collection to improve productivity and comfort. This week, we’re showcasing five elegant designs to elevate and improve your home workspace.


There is something so wonderfully comforting and luxurious about the feeling of a high-quality rug against the skin, whether it is a lush wool or the earthy woven texture of one of our innovative paper and wood rugs. Beyond the tactile and functional nature of rugs, they also have an unmatched capacity to transform a space, using color, pattern, and shape to tie a room together. Today, we’re showcasing five of our absolute favorite rugs in our collection, each capable of elevating your space in an entirely new way.

Mirror Mirror

The mirror is a seemingly simple item, however when the concept of a mirror is merged with the imagination, skill, talent, and creativity of a passionate designer, options become limitless. More than just mirrors, the designs in our collection are functional works of art, elevating the entire feeling and experience of a space. This week, we’re highlighting five magnificent mirrors that showcase the true artistry and mastery that can be explored with this unique and essential item.

Out In The Sun

In the warmer months, we spend more time basking in the sun and enjoying our outdoor spaces. Designing for outside use creates unique opportunities to do things differently, incorporating techniques and materials that can endure changing weather and exposure to the elements. Whether you’re designing for a terrace, balcony, or poolside patio, these designs will transform your outdoor space into an elegant and relaxing piece of paradise.


Travertine is a durable, elegant form of limestone, capable of lasting decades, and has become an increasingly popular material in recent years. Travertine's earliest known uses date back to 3200 BC, and the material has been found in artifacts from ancient Rome and Egypt. This week, we’re thrilled to share five transcendent travertine designs, chic enough to meet today’s expectations and durable enough to become intergenerational heirlooms.

Sculptural Silhouettes

Designs are about so much more than functionality - some of our most cherished designs reference art movements, history, worldwide cultures, and architecture. Throughout our collection, we have dozens of pieces that evoke walking through a gallery or museum, as their designs took inspiration from sculptures. This week, we’re showcasing five sculptural designs to add artistry and elegance to your space.


Who doesn’t love a good swivel chair? We certainly do. Designs that swivel exhibit a clear and desirable commitment to functionality and convenience—because the swivel allows you to utilize the space around it to the absolute fullest. Whether placed in a home office, lounge space, dining room, or elsewhere, any space can benefit from the ability to swivel. This week, we’re highlighting five beautiful designs that incorporate this wonderful feature, allowing you to optimize the swivel chair (or table!) in exciting and innovative ways.