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Sculptural Silhouettes

Designs are about so much more than functionality - some of our most cherished designs reference art movements, history, worldwide cultures, and architecture. Throughout our collection, we have dozens of pieces that evoke walking through a gallery or museum, as their designs took inspiration from sculptures. This week, we’re showcasing five sculptural designs to add artistry and elegance to your space.


Who doesn’t love a good swivel chair? We certainly do. Designs that swivel exhibit a clear and desirable commitment to functionality and convenience—because the swivel allows you to utilize the space around it to the absolute fullest. Whether placed in a home office, lounge space, dining room, or elsewhere, any space can benefit from the ability to swivel. This week, we’re highlighting five beautiful designs that incorporate this wonderful feature, allowing you to optimize the swivel chair (or table!) in exciting and innovative ways.

Tea Time

Picture this: you’re luxuriating in a serene, beautiful living room, lounging in supreme comfort while sipping the perfect cup of tea. Could anything sound more appealing? Luckily, we’ve got everything you need to create the living room or lounge space you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re in search of a sumptuous sofa, lavish lounge chair, or captivating coffee table, our collection includes stunning mid-century and contemporary options from industry icons and fresh new designers. This week, we’re highlighting five pieces to help create an elegant lounge oasis, whatever your taste.

Summer News

Every year in Milan, Salone del Mobile brings together the world’s most esteemed designers, manufacturers, and showrooms from around the globe—from design industry veterans to exciting new names—to showcase the year’s best and boldest new designs. As expected, this year did not disappoint. Whether you’re in search of lighting, seating, or storage, the event showcased innovative and refreshing pieces that will invigorate and inspire even the most seasoned design connoisseurs. This week, we’re delighted to highlight five of our favorite new launches from Salone to provide a glimpse into 2022.


Throughout history, American design has had an undeniable impact on style all over the world—and today, designers from varying regions and different generations continue to create interesting pieces, many of which are influenced by the country’s natural landscape and cultural history. This week, we’re sharing five designs by American designers to showcase the innovation and influence found in the United States’ design history and community.

On The Floor

Summer is in full swing at the SUITE NY showroom, and we have so many magnificent new pieces on the floor from some of our favorite designers and brands. From Italy to Scandinavia to the United States, spanning decades from mid-century classics to today’s latest novelties, our showroom is the perfect place to explore which designs call to you, and our dedicated and knowledgable sales team is here to guide you every step of the way. This week, we’re highlighting five fabulous finds all currently displayed on our showroom floor.