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Introducing Artek

Artek was founded in Helsinki in 1935 by four young innovators: designers Alvar and Aino Aalto, curator Maire Gullichsen, and art historian and critic Nils-Gustav Hahl—with a mission to improve modern living through exceptional design. Throughout the collection, there is a sense of subtlety that makes each piece approachable, coupled with sophistication and elegance that makes even the simplest [...]

Hybrid Workspaces

The last two years have marked a transformative, unmistakable shift in the way humans function in the workplace, often blurring the lines between the personal and professional, and making the concept of hybrid workspaces more common than ever before. The hybrid workspace prioritizes the way individuals move, operate, and interact, prioritizing a sense [...]

Introducing Bohemian 72

In the year that Italian designer Gabriella Crespi would have turned 100, and 50 years after its initial conception, GUBI has launched the Bohemian 72 Collection, putting this cultured series into production for the first time. The collection marks the beginning of a new collaboration with Archivio Gabriella Crespi, and is a fitting homage to an [...]

Hang In There

February is the time of year where warm weather starts to feel like a distant memory, as well as a far-off dream—because here in New York, we’ve got a while to go until the winter chill departs. And because roughly half of the year requires one to wear an assortment of coats, we [...]

Be Mine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ve found ourselves feeling a little bit lovestruck as we explore some of our favorite items in our collection. From coffee tables and task chairs to lighting and storage, there’s something for everyone at SUITE NY—and if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, our dedicated team of design matchmakers will ensure [...]


Nature has been inspiring architecture and design for centuries, and there’s something truly spectacular when our favorite elements of the outdoors transcend their usual contexts and appear in our favorite designs. Especially in the barren winter months, incorporating nature-inspired pieces into the home allows us to retain our connection with the beauty and energy of the outdoors. This week, we’re showcasing five designs influenced by botany and nature to elevate and inspire your space.