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A Dining Story, Part Ii

Two weeks ago, we shared our Dining Story newsletter, which highlighted several exciting dining tables. And as we continued exploring all the items we wanted to share with you from our collection, we realized that one newsletter simply wasnít enoughóplus, what good is an elegant dining table without seating to pair alongside it? With so many incredible ways to elevate and reinvent your dining space, we couldnít resist the opportunity to showcase even more dining items, so this week, weíre highlighting five dining chairs to take your dining experience to the next level.

Fall Lounge

As we continue moving through the chilly Fall months, nothing sounds better than curling up with a good book in a cozy, comfortable lounge chair. Lounge chairs are essential to creating a warm and relaxing home environment, and with hundreds of beautiful designs from designers around the world, ranging from traditional and mid-century to contemporary and avante-garde, our collection is sure to have the perfect lounge chair for you. This week, weíre highlighting five lounge chairs to help you maximize coziness this Fall and Winter.

A Dining Story

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? With this festive holiday approaching, we can’t help getting lost in thoughts of big, warm meals shared with loved ones around the dinner table. And even though things might look a little different this year, we’re still excited about all of the amazing designs in our collection that cater to the perfect holiday meal—plus, there’s always planning ahead for next year! This week, we’re highlighting five fabulous dining tables to help facilitate the dining experience of your dreams, and inspire nourishing meals, a sense of togetherness, and lifelong memories with family and friends.


Wood is an incredibly versatile material. Timeless enough to never go out of style, wood is the primary feature of countless iconic designs, whether classic, mid-century or†contemporary. From oak to walnut, ash to beech, and everything in between, there is an endless array of options for those looking to incorporate wood designs into their space. This week, weíre highlighting five designs that showcase the stunning beauty of wooden furniture.


Designs that incorporate metalwork often have a way of enhancing and elevating concepts that feel familiar, or allowing us to create new, innovative solutions. Carrying a different presence from other materials, such as wood and stone, metalís sleek, cool character often provides a sense of modernity and adds a contemporary edge to otherwise subtle or traditional designs. Additionally, metalwork requires expert craftsmanship, mastery, and skillfulness, utilized by experienced artisans, in order to fully realize the endless capabilities of this versatile material. This week, weíre highlighting five items that showcase the incredible potential of metalwork designs from across the globe.

Italian Design

Throughout history, Italy has always been an artistic powerhouse with an unmatched impact on fashion, art, design, and culture. For centuries, Italian design has reigned as one of the most iconic and noteworthy design influences from around the world, and this pattern has continued into modern times without skipping a beat. Setting itself apart from other cultures, Italian design balances an appreciation for both the ornate and the minimalist, the functional and the decorative, the classic and the contemporary. This week, we’re highlighting five exciting items that showcase the elegance and ingenuity of Italian design—simply bellissimo!