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Home Office – Seating Edition

Companies of all sizes are changing their structure and allowing more folks to work from home, at least part of the time. Along with this cultural shift comes a rise in home offices, and a desire to create stylish, efficient workspaces within our homes. Very few components in a home office are more critical than the task chair, which allows us to stay on top of our work while adding convenience, functionality, and comfort.

Design Feast

When you think about it, great design and great food have a lot in commonóthey bring people together, they often have historic and cultural rootsÖ and they can be a little bit indulgent, in just the right way. Additionally, both food and design allow us to express ourselves and inspire connection with the world around us. This week, weíre highlighting five delectable designs, to add flavor and style to your interior.

Lights Of Karakter

At SUITE NY, weíre always looking for brands and manufacturers that are willing to push the envelope and try something newóand when it comes to innovation, Danish manufacturer Karakter is in a league of their own. Karakterís lighting collection includes a diverse range of items designed across the span of several decades, but the commonality among all of them is that each design presents something entirely different than anything weíve seen before. This week, weíre excited to share five lighting designs from Karakterís collection, to help you lighten up, transform, innovate, and create something entirely new within your own space.

Spring Equinox

With the beginning of Spring just around the corner, few things sound more enticing than a beautiful Spring day. Spring represents so many thingsórebirth, new beginnings, and the start of sunnier, warmer months ahead. And of course, this season also represents a transition into more outdoor living, and the longer days and balmy weather encourage us to spend more time doing things we love in the open air. This week, weíre highlighting five designs to add comfort, style, and functionality to your outdoor space, and allow you to make the most of the brighter months ahead.

Cozy Lounge

This season has been one of the snowiest that New York has seen in a long time, and this kind of weather has meant even more time being spent at home. Whether youíre a fan of staying in or not, having a comfortable space to lounge can make all the difference. Luckily, we have countless designs to ensure that you can create a warm, comfortable haven without sacrificing style and sophistication. This week, weíre featuring five items to bring maximum comfort and coziness to your space.

Swift Design

If you havenít been introduced to our Quickship options, allow us to do the honors. Our Quickship program reduces your wait time, making it easier to get the items you love. This week we're featuring five items currently in stockówhich means youíll want to reach out quickly, because these stunning designs will be gone before you know it. E-mail†showroomsales@suiteny.com†for more information on how to take advantage of the Quickship program, as well as for details on quantity, fabrics, and finishes.