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Autumn Palette

As we transition into the Autumn months, we find ourselves enamored with the warm, earthy tones associated with the season’s color palette. As art often imitates life, our collection is full of designs capable of stylishly reflecting the essence of Fall in your interior. This week we’re excited to showcase a curated selection of our favorite designs for integrating Autumnal colors into your space.


The ideal modular designs prioritize functionality, flexibility, and convenience, offering an elevated degree of customization. These designs can each be modified to meet the specific needs of any room, regardless of size, shape, or function, adding not only versatility, but beauty to your space. This week, we’re featuring five magnificent modular designs to introduce personalized perfection to your space.

Statement Storage

Our homes are havens for cherished possessions, and it's a delightful journey to discover efficient and stylish ways to house our keepsakes, from books to art, and beyond. Some of our most beloved designers have created thoughtful and innovative designs that not only cater to this very need, but also bring character and order to our spaces. In the spotlight this week, we're celebrating five inventive storage solutions that do more than just declutter; they make a statement while showcasing and organizing your prized possessions.

Giopato & Coombes Paris Pop-up

SUITE NY’s longstanding partnership with Giopato & Coombes is one of our most cherished relationships. This independent Italian lighting atelier continues to release innovative, striking designs that push the envelope and explore the vast creative possibilities with lighting design. Beginning on September 6th, they will be bringing their latest projects and creations to Paris in an exclusive, dedicated space during a monthlong pop-up gallery in the heart of Saint-Germain-de-Pres at 21, Rue Bonaparte, 75006. In celebration of this exciting event, this week we’re highlighting five of our favorites from Giopato & Coombes inimitable collection.


We are thrilled to introduce one of the newest brands to join the SUITE NY family, Vaarnii—a Finland-based manufacturer that designs solid wood pieces with a strong brutalist influence, from a single natural raw material: Finnish pine. The designs explore the intrinsically versatile qualities of solid pine, an often overlooked material that is capable of inspiring timeless, sculptural pieces, while tactfully blending both contemporary and traditional influences. This week, we’re showcasing five beautifully brutal designs from Vaarnii’s collection.


Some of the most innovative designs in our collection incorporate creative and fluid forms which reflect the shapes and movements we see throughout our world. From upholstery to wood, many of our favorite designers create captivating visual and tactile experiences using folds, creases, and seams, which add dimension and a dynamic quality to their pieces. This week, we’re highlighting five designs which incorporate these elements in creative and beautiful ways.

Cool To Touch

In contrast to the August heat, we’re finding ourselves transfixed on thoughts of escaping with cooler materials, such as stone, metal, and glass. These materials evoke a mindset of the seasons and senses to come—white marble reminiscent of snow-capped mountains or glass that stirs memories of the mirrored surface of a crystal-blue lake. When integrated into a table design, they deliver a crisp, polished feel that marries functionality with aesthetics. This week, we're highlighting five captivating table designs which feature materials that are irresistibly cool to the touch.

Creature Comforts

Throughout the ages, both mythological and real creatures have left paw prints on the world of art and design, injecting a source of wild inspiration into creative designs. Animals represent cultural values, regional characteristics, and the beauty of nature, so it’s no surprise that designers often reference them in their work. While some designs include clear references to their animal namesakes, others are more symbolic. No matter the approach, animal influences bring a touch of the wild into our domesticated interior worlds. This week, we’re highlighting five designs from our collection that draw you in with their animal magnetism.

Introducing: Labofa

We are thrilled to announce that SUITE NY is now proudly carrying the Labofa furniture line. Labofa collections include Heritage products reimagined in collaboration with Norm Architects and new Contemporary designs by Note Design Studio. Labofa believes in furniture that tells a story...a story about passion for design, quality, and expert craftsmanship since 1943. We share the common ambition to unite the past and the present in future furniture classics, which makes Labofa a perfect fit for the SUITE NY family. This week, we are introducing you to a few of our favorite pieces from Labofa's Heritage and Contemporary collections.


Immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of wicker and rattan furniture, where nature's humblest materials are transformed into extraordinary works of art. The skillful weaving of supple wicker and durable rattan yields creations that embody the history of humanity. Our curated selection at SUITE NY showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail woven into each piece. This week, discover the allure of woven wicker and rattan by bringing an enchanting touch of the natural world into your discerning interiors.

Swivel Story

This week, we're featuring five of our favorite designs that add a delightful twist to your living space - quite literally. Swivel furniture combines mobility and comfort, allowing you to smoothly rotate and adjust your position with ease. Effortlessly turn in your lounge chair to engage in conversation or change your view by simply rotating your seat. With their contemporary designs and smooth rotation, these pieces combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether it's a plush armchair or a futuristic lounge chair, these pieces invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the 360° views.


In the most extraordinary designs, we can gain an understanding of the designer’s creative vision—and oftentimes, these visions are not rigid. Instead, they’re full of curves and bends, twists and turns, which require highly-skilled construction techniques to build curvaceous shapes, forms, and silhouettes. This week, we’re highlighting five shapely designs to add enticing curves to any space.

Dreamy Daybeds

Is there anything more satisfying than reclining on a daybed and drifting off to an impromptu summer afternoon nap? Daybeds are the epitome of luxury, offering an innate ability to finish and refine elegant spaces. Architectural or soft, industrial or traditional, daybeds create an environment that seduces the senses. This week, we’re highlighting five enchanting daybeds that will allow you to unwind and luxuriate in pure, stylish bliss.

3 Days Of Design

Each year in Copenhagen, Denmark, design lovers and experts from around the globe convene in one of the architecture and design world’s most beloved cities to celebrate 3 Days of Design. This year, the SUITE NY team had the pleasure of attending the 10th Anniversary of what has become the ultimate celebration of Scandinavian design. Returning inspired and with heightened anticipation of what is yet to come, this week, we're thrilled to highlight five of our favorite designs featured in this year’s 3DoD.


Iconic designs do more than just provide comfort and convenience—they tell a story, they make a statement, and they symbolize an appreciation and understanding for a specific, irreplaceable moment in time. These designs serve as milestones that influence future designers for decades to come, while allowing us to forge meaningful connections with specific designers, eras, and concepts. This week, we’re featuring five iconic designs to imbue moments of design history into your space.


Translucent designs have an innate capability to inject a sense of glamour into a space while making a unique impression. Always conversation starters, translucent designs add a bit of elegance and fun into a room while simultaneously creating a sense of lightness, making small spaces feel larger. This week, we’re featuring five beautiful, translucent designs to add sparkling style to your space.