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At SUITE NY, we have a passion for designers and manufacturers that are willing to push the envelope and try something new, and weíre constantly searching for innovationówhich is exactly why we fell in love with K?llemo. K?llemoís collection features incredibly contemporary designs by an exciting array of European designers, and offers innovative furniture solutions for both the modern home and workspace environments. Many of their designs are unlike anything weíve seen before, and we continue to be inspired by their willingness to experiment and their drive to create. This week, weíre featuring five designs to showcase K?llemoís incredible style and ingenuity, and weíre pretty sure youíll love them just as much as we do.

Winter White

After one of the most tumultuous years in history, the start of 2021 has taken on more meaning than years before. As we prepare to begin this new chapter, we canít help thinking about everything that white furniture represents: purity, a clean slate, a refreshing new startóall the things weíre looking forward to. Additionally, white designs carry an undeniable sense of modernity and stylishness, allowing us to make a statement, influence the feeling of a room, and transform a space entirely. This week, in the spirit of Winter and the new year, weíre highlighting five designs that showcase the elegance, timelessness, and versatility of white furniture.

Bringing In The New Year

As we close out a year unlike any other, we reflect on the things that brought us joy in these unprecedented times. Design enriches our lives and reminds us that, even when things feel so uncertain, there is still so much beauty to appreciate. Design allows us to connect with others— from those physically close to us, like friends and colleagues on our team, to those who may be far in distance but close in spirit, like our partners across the ocean in Europe—as we’ve all endured this year together. In celebration of the amazing accomplishments that have occurred in the most challenging of times, this week, we’re highlighting five new designs to kick off the new year feeling excited, inspired, and refreshed.


Geometry is a core principle of design, and throughout history, designers have consistently found innovative, elegant, and unexpected methods for integrating different shapes and geometric properties into their designs. It’s important to recognize all the fundamental ways geometry lays the foundation for effective and efficient design, from providing a framework for visual symmetry and style, to aiding designers in developing functional, convenient, and ergonomic solutions to modern life. This week, we’re highlighting five designs, spanning decades of work and multiple countries, that masterfully showcase the beauty of geometry in design.

American Design

Specializing in solid wood, American-made, mid-century designs, Smilow Furniture was started by pivotal New York designer, Mel Smilow. It later experienced something of a renaissance after being reintroduced to a new generation of designers and architects by Melís granddaughter, Judy Smilow. The result of an acute interest in and an eye for modern design, Smilowís pieces represent core midcentury aesthetics and values, and even today, though timeless, feel like a reference to a specific moment in design history. There is something for everyone in Smilowís iconic collection, and this week, it is our absolute pleasure to showcase the incredible collection from our close friends at Smilow Design.

Swedish Design

Specializing in extraordinarily innovative, contemporary furniture, G‰rsn‰s is a Swedish manufacturer with a history dating back to 1893. Producing expertly manufactured designs from their family-owned factory in ÷sterlen, Sweden, G‰rsn‰s upholds an admirable commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly processes and materials, while developing absolutely magnificent designs, each of which is a work of art, an exercise in detail and precision, and a commitment to functionality, all at once. With a relationship spanning nearly half a decade, SUITE NY is honored to showcase our partnership with this incredible brand. This week, weíre diving deeper into G‰rsn‰sí incredible collection, exploring these exceptional designs and designers.