The Shape Of Daydreams

​ Evoking daydreams is the passion of renowned Italian lighting design duo, Giopato & Coombes, and this week we are excited to announce our exclusive collaboration for NYCxDesign 2024. For the first time in New York City, SUITE NY will be hosting Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes as we present the US premiere of their latest design collection, Bruma. This immersive introduction also features installations of


The earliest evidence of metalworking can be traced back thousands of years, but only in much more recent history has metal taken center stage in furniture design. Sleek and versatile, metal’s unique qualities provide designers with a range of avenues—whether used to add an industrial edge or futuristic essence, metal can elevate designs in ways that feel polished and exciting.

Introducing Stackabl

SUITE NY is excited to introduce Stackabl, a sustainable solution that converts textile and manufacturing waste into bespoke, acoustic lighting. By harnessing the power of technology, Stackabl gives waste a second life as sustainable and customizable lighting pieces. This week, say goodbye to landfills, and hello to one-of-a-kind pieces as we explore how this innovative company is

Summer Daydreams

Summer is just around the corner and it has us daydreaming about basking in the sun and enjoying our outdoor spaces. Designing for outside use creates unique opportunities to do things differently, incorporating techniques and materials that can endure changing weather and exposure to the elements, while still creating stylish designs that enrich the places we live and work.


Combining multiple materials into one cohesive piece is an art form which enhances both the appearance and functionality of a design. Incorporating a blend of natural elements like wood, leather, or stone, together with glass, metal, or concrete, adds a layer of visual appeal and tactility to both the design and the environment in which it is featured. This week, we’re spotlighting five remarkable pieces that feature a beautiful combination of mixed materials.

William Storms

We are thrilled to introduce Brooklyn-based textile designer, William Storms. Renowned for his exquisite creations, Storms is an artist, weaver and textile manufacturer who meticulously crafts one-of-a-kind creations in his studio, showcasing a unique commitment to quality and creativity. This week, we are debuting our recent collaboration with Storms which features products created exclusively for SUITE NY. From throw pillows to floor pillows and lumbar pillows, each piece is a testament to William Storms' mastery of textile design and passion for his craft.

Occasional Tables

Occasional tables offer a unique opportunity to infuse your space with diverse materials and sculptural styles, adding both functionality and flair to any room. From the organic warmth of natural wood and marble to the sleek sophistication of metal and resin, occasional tables come in a variety of materials and shapes to suit every aesthetic preference. This week, we’re thrilled to showcase a handpicked collection of luxury occasional tables, each embodying the perfect balance of form and function.

Natural Materials

The use of natural materials in design is unique in its ability to strengthen our connection to the world around us. The beauty of natural wood, leather, stone, and fiber have a primordial appeal that contrasts with manmade materials in the built environment. This week, we’re excited to highlight five organic designs that showcase the timeless beauty of natural materials.

Little Luxe

Gone are the days of compromising on aesthetics for durability when it comes to kids' furniture. Our curated collection seamlessly blends chic design with practical functionality. From refined low tables to whimsical storage solutions and playfully sophisticated seating, our kid-friendly designs redefine what it means to furnish a child's room. This week, we’re highlighting five fabulous designs to bring style and function into your little ones’ lives.


Nothing epitomizes a well-appointed interior more than a sumptuous daybed. The divan, fainting couch, chaise longue, and Davenport have been woven into dramatic and theatrical scenes throughout history, setting the stage for glamour and intrigue. Offering unparalleled comfort and style, today's designs complement a variety of interiors. This week, we’re excited to showcase five delightful daybeds that will allow you to unwind and luxuriate in pure, stylish bliss.

PH Furniture

SUITE NY is thrilled to announce our new partnership with PH Furniture. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, PH Furniture showcases the forward-thinking designs of Poul Henningsen. Designed in the 1930s, the steel tube collection merges radical industrial processes with traditional craftsmanship. So futuristic were Henningsen's designs, they could not be produced until technology finally caught up to his ideas in the 21st century. The result is furniture that transcends trends. This week, we are showcasing five fantastical Henningsen designs available exclusively at SUITE NY.

Sustainable Luxury

At SUITE NY, we pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of furniture from manufacturers who prioritize sustainability in their craftsmanship. This week, we delve into the world of Sustainable Luxury, where exquisite design meets eco-conscious practices. From responsibly sourced materials to innovative production methods, our featured furniture makers embody a commitment to both luxury and environmental stewardship. Join us as we explore some of the industry's leading brands, showcasing their dedication to creating beautiful pieces that are as mindful as they are magnificent.

New On The Floor

Our creative team meticulously curates featured pieces in our Park Avenue showroom, from midcentury classics to today’s latest innovations. More than a space to browse furniture, our showroom is a transformative, sensory experience, where the designs in our collection can be seen, felt, and interacted with. This week we’re excited to share five fabulous finds, newly added to our showroom floor and available for viewing.

Things We Love

It's mid-February and love is in the air. This season of desire compels us to share a few of our current obsessions which have stolen our hearts and ignited our passion for design. From lush, upholstered divans to luxurious finishes and enchanting forms, this week we’re excited to showcase five designs that will have you saying “Be Mine” this Valentine’s Day.

“Denmark’s New King”

As our Danish friends across the pond celebrate the momentous appointment of King Frederik X to the throne, we couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate some of our most beloved Danish designs. With an unmatched influence on mid-century and contemporary global design, Danish artists and designers have given us so much to celebrate. The

Angelo Mangiarotti

An unmatched figure in Italian design, Angelo Mangiarotti was an architect, designer, and sculptor whose work has influenced generations of designers. Born in Milan in 1921, Mangiarotti’s career spans decades. He effectively established himself as a force within the international design world by integrating architecture and sculpture into the modern home with his furniture, lighting and accessory designs. His legacy lives on in his transformative designs, and this week, it is our honor to showcase five extraordinary works from Mangiarotti’s timeless portfolio.