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At The Movies

What's more fun than gathering a group of friends to relax and watch a favorite movie? Whether your home includes a designated theater room, or you want to elevate your living room for optimal film and TV viewing, design can be incorporated to add functionality, convenience, and style. This week, we’re highlighting five of our favorite items to help you create an immersive theater experience.


We're so thrilled to have Artek as part of our collection—exciting shapes, innovative concepts, and sustainable materials have made this quintessential Finnish brand a distinctive identity. Their designs by iconic founding designers Alvar and Aino Aalto, as well as contemporary designers such as Ronan & Erwan Boroullec, are capable of instantly modernizing a space. This week, we’re excited to highlight five extraordinary items from our friends at Artek.

Pattern Play

What engages the eye better than pattern? Throughout design and art history, patterns have been used to create expressive, dynamic designs. Patterns serve as a vehicle by which designers can play with shape, color, and form and allow the individual to incorporate self expression and personality into their surroundings. This week, we’re thrilled to highlight five designs that showcase the inimitable power of patterns.

Plein Air

A reminder that outdoor living is just around the corner can be exactly the boost we need to help us navigate the final days of winter. Designers around the globe have created elegant designs to add comfort, functionality, and style to outdoor spaces. At SUITE NY, our collection includes an exciting array of outdoor pieces. This week, we’re highlighting five outstanding open-air designs to elevate your terrace, patio, lawn, or poolside.

Future Forms

One of the most exciting things about innovative design is that it can provide a vision for the future, a glimpse into what’s possible when forward-thinking designers are willing to push the envelope and try something new. These kinds of designs create spaces that feel immersive and contemporary. This week, we’re highlighting five futuristic designs to elevate your space and push your sense of style into the next era.

Swedish Designers

This week, while members of our team are attending Design Week in Stockholm, we’re highlighting pieces by five of our favorite Swedish designers. With their tremendous impact on global design, Swedish designers are renowned for their ability to skillfully prioritize functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Sweden, their design community has a seemingly endless capacity to create timeless, usable designs that will last for generations. Njut av!

High Fidelity

A love of music never goes out of style. As many audiophiles know, vinyl records have become symbols of a genuine appreciation of music. Turntables and collections of LPs can serve as vehicles for conversation and reminders of analog days gone by. This week, in honor of the upcoming Grammy Awards, we’re highlighting five fantastic pieces to help you enjoy your favorite music and showcase your vinyl collection.

Modern Lanterns

The lantern is an ancient concept for illuminating spaces, and in every culture across the globe, different characteristics have allowed for variations in how lanterns look, feel, and function. Typically exuding a soft glow, lanterns are often utilized to add an approachable warmth and coziness to our spaces. Today’s designers have elevated this classic item into something magnificently chic. This week, we’re showcasing five luxurious lanterns to transform your interior.

Rope And Cord

Providing strength, durability, and style, rope and cord can be transformative when incorporated into furniture designs. The unique textural and tensile qualities of these materials can be used in compelling ways, serving as a vehicle for designers to fully tap into their creativity. This week, we’re showcasing five outstanding designs highlighting the endless potential of rope and cord.


Barstools can transform a space with a sculptural quality that creates an environment for gathering and entertainment. The perfect barstool can be tucked away beneath a table for easy storage, or can create a multi-functional space. They can also be a standout piece, enticing people to gravitate toward the center of the action. This week, we're showcasing five beautiful barstools to enhance your dining or entertaining space.

News For The New Year

As 2023 begins, we’re celebrating new designs entering our collection this year. Balancing references to design history alongside forward-thinking, contemporary concepts, these designs are indicative of the inspiration found in the current design landscape. Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or looking to elevate a familiar space, we’re excited to showcase five extraordinary designs to help ring in the new year in impeccable style.

The Warmth Of White

White evokes a feeling of expansiveness and infinite possibilities. In design, it can transform a space entirely. White can capture a sense of classicism, like the Parthenon, or modernity, like Corbusier's Villa Savoye. The brightness of white is a powerful counterpoint to the darkness of the Winter season. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the warmth and versatility of white.

Highlights Of 2022

In 2022, the design community experienced a resurgence of innovation, originality, and passion. Here at SUITENY, we've been incredicbly exited about the new designs that have been added to our selection. This week, as we reflect on the past twelve months, we’re delighted to share five of our favorite pieces from 2022.

Instant Gratification

We often hear people say that “good things come to those who wait.” But why wait, when amazing things are at the ready? At SUITE NY, our collection includes select in-stock items. There’s something incredibly satisfying about getting exactly what you want, right when you want it. This week, we’re featuring five fabulous items which are currently in-stock, ensuring that you’ll never have to wait to enhance your space.


In so many ways, the bedroom is a sacred space within the home–it’s where we retire after a long day, and where we rest and recharge for the day ahead. Creating a serene bedroom is about more than just design—it’s an opportunity to invest in our own wellbeing by creating the perfect sanctuary for sleep. This week, we’re highlighting five captivating designs to elevate your bedroom and send you off to dreamland in comfort and style.

Around The Hearth

Is there anything more comforting than sitting around a fireplace in the winter? Gathering around the hearth is a great way to warm our hands, and our spirits, and cozying up next to the fireplace is the perfect wintertime activity—whether sipping hot cocoa or reading your favorite book, the lure of a crackling fireplace brings people together. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to help you ensure that the hearth is truly the heart of your home