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Around The Hearth

Is there anything more comforting than sitting around a fireplace in the winter? Gathering around the hearth is a great way to warm our hands, and our spirits, and cozying up next to the fireplace is the perfect wintertime activity—whether sipping hot cocoa or reading your favorite book, the lure of a crackling fireplace brings people together. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to help you ensure that the hearth is truly the heart of your home


At SUITE NY, we cultivate a deep commitment to sustainable, elegant, and functional designs. Our relationship with Nikari, a Finnish design studio and furniture manufacturer, is such a natural and seamless fit. Each piece in Nikari's collection is designed to honor the beauty of natural wood, utilizing the qualities of this material. This week, we’re excited to showcase five of our favorite designs from Nikari—we’re certain you’ll fall in love just as quickly as we did.

Autumn Entertaining

Autumn brings cool, crisp air, and with it, the promise of social gatherings as the holidays approach. Chic designs do more than just facilitate meals and get-togethers—they serve as a foundation upon which cherished memories can be made and provide an environment that fosters warmth and togetherness. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to elevate your entertaining game this Fall season.

Meditative Pieces

In today’s busy world, design can help create a calming mood in our environments by incorporating pieces that provide a sense of relaxation. Intentional decisions around color, texture, material, and shape can allow a home to feel like a sanctuary, offering a reprive from our daily stressors. This week, we’re highlighting five meditative designs to introduce peace and tranquility into your space.


Room dividers are a beautiful tool for separating spaces and creating different atmospheres within environments. By nature, they also serve as a blank canvas, allowing designers to exercise their true creativity and artistic expression. This week, we’re showcasing five stylish screens to add privacy, organization and visual depth to your space.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting has the power to transform the physical appearance, mood, and energy of a space. No matter the setting, ambient lighting can create environments that feel warm and inviting. Lighting can directly affect our emotions, underlining the importance of choosing the right lighting within the home. This week, we’re highlighting five luxurious lighting designs to add warmth and ambiance to your space.