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Recline To Dine

Dining chairs provide an exceptionally versatile template for designers; though the universal principles are seemingly simple, there are virtually endless directions in which a designer can take a dining chair. From classic, iconic designs to contemporary pieces that break free of typical design conventions, dining chairs never cease to amaze and inspire us. Additionally, the comfort and function of dining chairs play an integral, essential role in establishing optimal dining experiences, allowing us to sit and enjoy meals, and the company of others, for extended periods of time. This week, we’re highlighting five inimitable dining chairs to elevate your dining experience—both visually and functionally—to an entirely new level.

Danish Lounge

In every possible way, Fritz Hansen signifies all that Danish design is meant to embody—an unmatched commitment to high quality materials, a masterful understanding of craftsmanship and production techniques, and recognizable, world-renowned aesthetics and visual sensibilities. Their designs are uniquely equipped to transform environments into an incredibly chic and sophisticated space, simply through the addition of their presence alone. Fritz Hansen’s beautiful collection features pieces from an extraordinary array of iconic designers, including Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Jaime Hayon, and more. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to provide a small glimpse into Fritz Hansen’s stunning collection.

Holiday Dining

In so many ways, dining tables are a focal point within our lives. Functionally, they’re where we gather with friends and family, enjoy delicious meals, and even sometimes serve as a temporary workspace. But they’re also more than that; they’re a space of warmth, togetherness, and comfort. A place where we can pause and indulge, nourishing ourselves not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well. During the holiday season, the dining table becomes even more significant, and provides a venue where some of our cherished memories take place. This week, we’re highlighting five dining tables to elevate your holiday gatherings, large or small, into something truly spectacular.

Collectors Items

There’s something undeniably enticing about collector’s items—and as design lovers, limited edition pieces tend to speak to us in their own, unique language, often serving as a testament to the innovative production, skilled craftsmanship, and quality materials incorporated into the design. The knowledge that a piece has only been manufactured in a small quantity, or is particularly rare, encourages us to genuinely appreciate everything a design has to offer, even the littlest details. This week, we’re highlighting five exclusive collector’s items to add something truly special—and sought after—to your home.


With Halloween just a few days away, we find ourselves drawn to the darker side of things—and while gothic themes may feel particularly fitting toward the end of October, designs that inspire feelings of fantasy and mystery can create stunning and evocative settings year-round, whether you’re designing residential or commercial spaces. This week, in celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, we’re inviting your inner goth to shine through and highlighting five hauntingly beautiful designs to elevate your space into another realm.

The Wonders Of Wegner

One of history’s most prolific and influential designers, Hans J. Wegner’s legacy has left an unmatched footprint on the design world, inspiring nearly a century of designers to come. Described as the master of the chair, as well as the godfather of Danish design, Wegner designed more than 500 chairs throughout his life, many of which went on to become undisputed icons within the global design community. This week, we’re highlighting five of our favorite pieces by Hans J. Wegner—but with so many to choose from, we encourage you to explore the dozens of additional Wegner designs in our collection.