A Dining Story

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? With this festive holiday approaching, we can’t help getting lost in thoughts of big, warm meals shared with loved ones around the dinner table. And even though things might look a little different this year, we’re still excited about all of the amazing designs in our collection that cater to the perfect holiday meal—plus, there’s always planning ahead for next year! This week, we’re highlighting five fabulous dining tables to help facilitate the dining experience of your dreams, and inspire nourishing meals, a sense of togetherness, and lifelong memories with family and friends.


Wood is an incredibly versatile material. Timeless enough to never go out of style, wood is the primary feature of countless iconic designs, whether classic, mid-century or†contemporary. From oak to walnut, ash to beech, and everything in between, there is an endless array of options for those looking to incorporate wood designs into their space. This week, weíre highlighting five designs that showcase the stunning beauty of wooden furniture.

Italian Design

Throughout history, Italy has always been an artistic powerhouse with an unmatched impact on fashion, art, design, and culture. For centuries, Italian design has reigned as one of the most iconic and noteworthy design influences from around the world, and this pattern has continued into modern times without skipping a beat. Setting itself apart from other cultures, Italian design balances an appreciation for both the ornate and the minimalist, the functional and the decorative, the classic and the contemporary. This week, we’re highlighting five exciting items that showcase the elegance and ingenuity of Italian design—simply bellissimo!

Bestlite Anniversary

The Bestlite series can only be described as simply iconic. Designed by Robert Dudley Best (1892-1984), heir to the world's largest lighting manufacturing company Best & Lloyd, the initial designs in this timeless collection were born in 1930. Inspired by Bauhaus, Industrialism, and Modernism, Dudley Best drew on extensive knowledge and educational experience to create the Bestlite collection, which would solidify his place in design history. Following Bauhaus principles, Dudley did away with the trimmings and traditional details of the Best & Lloyd products at the time, with the ultimate goal of creating a functional, practical, and elegant design. Almost an entire century later, the Bestlite design remains a quintessential and sought-after lighting design.

Spotlight On Färg & Blanche

Specializing in extraordinarily innovative, contemporary furniture, Gärsnäs is a Swedish manufacturer with a history dating back to 1893. Producing expertly manufactured designs from their family-owned factory in Österlen, Sweden, Gärsnäs upholds an admirable commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly processes and materials, while developing absolutely magnificent designs, each of which is a work of art, an exercise in detail and precision, and a commitment to functionality, all at once. With a relationship spanning nearly half a decade, SUITE NY is honored to showcase our partnership with this incredible brand. This week, we’re highlighting five must-haves from Gärsnäs’ stunning collection, all designed by the inimitable design duo, Färg & Blanche.

Sweater Weather

Beautiful and timeless, wool is a simply irresistible material. Incredibly warming and magnificently soft, this stylish material is capable of elevating designs and adding an entirely new dimension to your space, whether youíre upholstering a chair or looking for the perfect pillow. As we move into the brisk fall months, weíre highlighting five elegant items in textured wool or shearling to add a sense of warmth and comfort to your home or workspace.