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Over the past few decades, sustainability has become so much more than a trend. It’s a driving ethos, and a way of being, to ensure that while we enjoy all the beautiful things that life has to offer, we’re not doing so at the expense of the planet. And as the climate crisis continues to remain front and center in global news, what better time than now to showcase stunning, eco-conscious designs from designers and manufacturers around the world. This week, we’re excited to share five designs that offer style, elegance, functionality and sustainability for the home or workplace.

In The Mood For Romance

Whether youíre spending Valentineís Day with a special someone or enjoying a relaxing night solo, adding a little romance to the environments we live in is almost always a good idea. Whether itís ambient lighting, comfortable seating, or elegant accessories, creating spaces that feel intimate and luxurious is an essential part of making our homes feel special. This week, weíre highlighting five items that will allow you to bring a sense of romance into your space, to enjoy not only on Valentineís Day, but all year long.

Italian Design

Very few countries carry a design legacy and influence like Italy. Home to countless iconic designers, both historic and contemporary, Italian design has had an immeasurable influence on the global design community for centuries. It should come as no surprise that we simply canít get enough of our favorite Italian brands and designers, whose work exhibits an appreciation for style and distinctive aesthetic sensibility that is entirely unique to this incredible country and its rich, vibrant culture. This week, weíre highlighting five exciting designs that showcase the timeless elegance and extraordinary innovation of Italian design.

Design News

Even after a tumultuous year of unprecedented challenges, design manufacturers around the globe continued to press forward and release original, exciting designs. From Denmark to Italy and everywhere in between, designers explored new ways to bring light, comfort, and functionality into our worlds and the spaces we inhabit. Whether youíre looking to elevate your bedroom, redecorate your dining room, or breathe new life into your lounge, we have exciting novelties to help you create the perfect space. This week, weíre featuring five newly-launched designs from some of our favorite brands and designers, to bring beauty and innovation into your home this year.


At SUITE NY, we have a passion for designers and manufacturers that are willing to push the envelope and try something new, and we’re constantly searching for innovation—which is exactly why we fell in love with KÄLLEMO. KÄLLEMO’s collection features incredibly contemporary designs by an exciting array of European designers, and offers innovative furniture solutions for both the modern home and workspace environments. Many of their designs are unlike anything we’ve seen before, and we continue to be inspired by their willingness to experiment and their drive to create. This week, we’re featuring five designs to showcase KÄLLEMO’s incredible style and ingenuity, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love them just as much as we do.

Winter White

After one of the most tumultuous years in history, the start of 2021 has taken on more meaning than years before. As we prepare to begin this new chapter, we canít help thinking about everything that white furniture represents: purity, a clean slate, a refreshing new startóall the things weíre looking forward to. Additionally, white designs carry an undeniable sense of modernity and stylishness, allowing us to make a statement, influence the feeling of a room, and transform a space entirely. This week, in the spirit of Winter and the new year, weíre highlighting five designs that showcase the elegance, timelessness, and versatility of white furniture.