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New On The Floor

Weíre excited to share several striking designs, newly added to our showroom floor and available for viewing. Whether youíre a seasoned expert or a newfound design lover, our Park Avenue showroom features hundreds of exceptional pieces, and provides an opportunity to engage firsthand with our passionate and knowledgeable team, who will ensure you find exactly what youíre looking for. If youíre interested in stopping by to view these items in person, email†appointments@suiteny.com†to book your appointment today!

The Bedroom Collection

Smilow Furniture epitomizes everything we love about thoughtful designómasterful craftsmanship, extraordinary functionality, and timeless elegance, producing pieces that create inspiring homes and transcend generations. This week, we are thrilled to share Smilowís latest launch, the Bedroom Collection, which features a bed, bedside table, and wall sconce. This collectionís sculptural and nature-inspired pieces bring a softness and brightness to a room, while complementing Smilow's entire furniture collection.

Light The Way

With the summer solstice approaching, the desire to extend a summer evening has never been more easily fulfilled than with our selection of outdoor lighting. Whether you need something portable, or something that can withstand the elements, we have the design for you. This week we bring you five innovative and beautiful summer lights.


Innovative and beautiful designs have the potential to truly move usóand sometimes, the designs themselves move, as well! Just because a design is functional does not mean it has to be stagnant; in fact, some of our favorite designs are incredibly dynamic in nature, as movement and interaction are often core components in what makes a design special. This week, weíre highlighting five interactive and innovative pieces that provide an experience in and of themselves.

Home Office – Desk Edition Part Ii

We couldn’t resist sharing a few more exceptional desks to pair with your brand new office chair. Desks are where the real work gets done—whether you’re sending emails, writing reports, drawing and designing, or taking a quick lunch break, a desk is the heart of the efficient home office. Naturally, a stylish and elegant desk is the perfect way to create an office space that feels personalized, enjoyable, and productive—so this week, we’re highlighting five office desks to help you get excited about logging on for work each morning.

Summer Getaway

As the world continues to open back up and we immerse ourselves in the Spring sunshine, now is the perfect time to plan for relaxing Summer getaways. Whether youíre decorating a country home or beach house, or preparing for an indulgent Summer staycation in the city, our collection has dozens of designs to help you create a truly immersive getaway environment. This week, weíre highlighting five items to help you transform your Summer getaway into your own personal paradise.