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On The Floor

Summer is in full swing at the SUITE NY showroom, and we have so many magnificent new pieces on the floor from some of our favorite designers and brands. From Italy to Scandinavia to the United States, spanning decades from mid-century classics to today’s latest novelties, our showroom is the perfect place to explore which designs call to you, and our dedicated and knowledgable sales team is here to guide you every step of the way. This week, we’re highlighting five fabulous finds all currently displayed on our showroom floor.

Birgitte Due Madsen

Introducing Birgitte Due Madsen, an artist and designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We discovered Birgitte's work last year at a small show during Salone del Mobile and connected with her personally during 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen that same year. Birgitte's work and point of view really inspires us, and we are happy to announce that her pieces constitute the latest addition to the SUITE NY family of makers. Birgitte's work spans furniture, product design, ceramics and sculpture, and she has developed a number of designs in collaboration with distinct manufacturers, such as Karakter and Design Editions. This week we want to highlight four of Birigitte Due Madsen's pieces, now available at SUITE NY—we hope you are as intrigued and captivated by the wonder and delight of her designs as we are.


This week, we’re focusing on a concept that we can’t help but love: stackable items. Easy storage solutions are hard to come by, and there is something wonderfully convenient and effortlessly simple about a design that can be stacked. Additionally, the repetition created by stacking an elegant design can create a uniquely exciting motif in and of itself, while freeing up much-needed space. Today, we’re highlighting five designs, perfect for adding stackable style to any interior.

Sling And Bounce

We often talk about how design is innovative, stylish, inspiring—but alongside all of these things, we sometimes forget that design can also be fun. Slings and cantilevers add an exciting element, providing a sense of depth, dimension, and creativity that is also rooted in mathematics and geometry. These structural features often make up the framework upon which the designs we love are built, so why not take a moment to appreciate them? This week, we’re highlighting five show-stopping pieces that highlight the incredible impact of slings and cantilevers.


The technique of using woven materials in furniture dates back thousands of years—and though it may have started in ancient history, this timeless method continues to define stunning and contemporary designs to this day. From America to Europe and across the globe, designers and artisans have utilized an endless array of materials—rattan, rope, paper, fabric, and so much more—to add texture, dimension, comfort, and durability to their work. This week, we’re featuring five wonderful woven designs to add something innovative and exceptional to your interior.

Textiles And Tactiles

Textiles are a cornerstone of any well-designed interior. From rugs to throws, textiles offer a magnificent sense of warmth and dimension, offering an opportunity to introduce beautiful textural contrasts and refreshing, dynamic colors and shapes. Whether placed in a lounge space, bedroom, office, reading room, or elsewhere, you would be hard-pressed to find a room that could not be elevated by a sophisticated, quality textile. This week, we’re highlighting five tremendous textiles to transform your space.