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This past week, SUITE NY unveiled Carl Hansen & Son’s stunning new collaboration with Edelman Leather. The collection is only available for show and purchase exclusively through Carl Hansen’s premier dealers. Today, we are excited to introduce these to a larger audience!

The Creatives at Carl Hansen have transformed six iconic Hans J. Wegner designs with Edelman’s one-of-a-kind luxe leather hides. The curated collection focuses on the relationship of texture and color in nature. Think soft desert tones of green, ecru, and brown beautifully paired with the famous mid-century aesthetic of Carl Hansen – A new striking twist on tradition.

Our Creative Director, Chris Kraig, transformed our Park Avenue showroom into a gallery space, showcasing the designs on platforms fit for works of art. He says, “It was a pleasure seeing these 20th century classics transformed with the use of the super luxe 21st century Edelman leathers. This new collection complements our iconic stable of designs seamlessly.”

The showroom was lively and filled with chatter about exciting upcoming projects as designers rifled through the plethora of leather hide swatches. From oxblood hides to metallic snakeskin, there was no shortage of design inspiration.

The collection is undoubtedly a hit! Andrew Galuppi of Galuppi Design says, “To see a Carl Hansen piece reimagined with the addition of Edelman leather was a true highlight of the evening at Suite NY. The pairing infused the iconic pieces we know and love with a new spirit of freshness. In a few instances new possibilities came to mind, and that is always a welcome surprise for a designer!”

We welcome you to come to our showroom to see, feel and source these products for yourself! We are open Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM, and our team of experienced salespeople are here to assist you.