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As we close out a year unlike any other, we reflect on the things that brought us joy in these unprecedented times. Design enriches our lives and reminds us that, even when things feel so uncertain, there is still so much beauty to appreciate. Design allows us to connect with others— from those physically close to us, like friends and colleagues on our team, to those who may be far in distance but close in spirit, like our partners across the ocean in Europe—as we’ve all endured this year together. In celebration of the amazing accomplishments that have occurred in the most challenging of times, this week, we’re highlighting five new designs to kick off the new year feeling excited, inspired, and refreshed.
Bodil Kjær
The Principal Dining Chair is one of those designs where virtually every aspect comes together in perfect harmony, creating a design that is not only functional, but also an absolute joy to look at. Minimalist and elegant, there is something profoundly beautiful about Principal, and the design’s versatility allows it to blend seamlessly into spaces of all trends, styles, and taste preferences. Alongside its dining table counterpart, the Principal Dining Chair epitomizes Bodil Kjaer’s progressive, cosmopolitan outlook and modernistic design language, which allows this timeless chair to feel just as relevant now as it did 60 years ago. With its circular seat, gently rounded backrest, and stylish upholstery, this design is truly something spectacular.
Hans J. Wegner
Hans J. Wegner’s possessed a rare ability to unite aesthetics, function, and comfort, and nowhere are these talents clearer than in the marvelous CH72 sofa. CH72 is characterized by relatively small dimensions, a slim, comfortable, fully upholstered frame, and round, tapered legs in solid wood. Offering exceptional comfort, the sofa features loose cushions and upholstered armrests that are finished with rounded, solid wood handles, allowing this design to become an instant staple in the home. Stylish, effortless, and intriguing, the CH72 is the perfect addition to any contemporary interior.
Time & Style
Both contemporary and traditional at the same time, Liku is a stunning chair that pays homage to traditional Japanese culture while incorporating a contemporary edge. ‘Zaisu’ is a variety of chairs that sit directly on the floor, as opposed to on legs, combining tradition and modernity with elegance, grace, and character. A perfect balance of past and present, Liku is designed to maximize comfort and ergonomics while offering a beautiful design to transform and enrich your space.
Space Copenhagen
The Stay High Back Lounge chair, the latest in GUBI’s immaculate Stay collection, finds this timeless design exhibiting a brand new sense of confidence, with a more pronounced presence. Comfortable and luxurious, the design’s rounded edges contribute to an appealing sense of softness, with a silhouette that feels effortlessly contemporary. The high back curves around the seat, enveloping the seater and creating a cozy, cocoon-like atmosphere. Combine the lounge chair with the lovely Stay Ottoman for optimal relaxation and a match made in design heaven.
Time & Style
Exuding a quiet elegance and stylish sophistication, the Bombori lamp is entirely handmade with traditional Japanese materials. Featuring an Akita cedarwood frame covered with thin, translucent Mino washi paper, Bombori pays homage to its own cultural heritage while still feeling current and contemporary. Available in a hanging or floor lamp version, the lamp provides a warm, subtle ambiance, ideal for creating an environment of coziness and relaxation as we transition into a new year.