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BOSTON HOME: Ikebana and Door Stopper

In the Fall 2018 issue of Bostom Home Magazine, Suite NY’s Ikebana vase by Jaime Hayon was featured in editor’s picks by editor at-large, Kara Butterfield, on her choice of brass essentials. Focusing on the metallic aspect of this trend, this issue’s picks aim to bring light and luster to any interior. Named after the Japanese word for making flower arrangements, more specifically, to “make flowers live,” the Ikebana is a unique vase designed to honor the entire flower rather than just the crown. Made of hand blown glass and a solid brass freestanding structure, this vase is the perfect addition to any home.

Suite NY’s Door Stopper by PlueerSmitt was also featured in editor’s picks by Kara Butterfield, on her choice of entryway accents for a warm welcome. This solid wood design by PlueerSmitt is a functional piece with a playful shape, an essential item that takes an ordinary object and turns it into a conceptual and analytical piece through functional design.