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Introducing Birgitte Due Madsen, an artist and designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We discovered Birgitte’s work last year at a small show during Salone del Mobile and connected with her personally during 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen that same year. Birgitte’s work and point of view really inspires us, and we are happy to announce that her pieces constitute the latest addition to the SUITE NY family of makers.

Birgitte’s work spans furniture, product design, ceramics and sculpture, and she has developed a number of designs in collaboration with distinct manufacturers, such as Karakter and Design Editions. This week we want to highlight four of Birigitte Due Madsen’s pieces, now available at SUITE NY—we hope you are as intrigued and captivated by the wonder and delight of her designs as we are.
Copenhagen, Denmark
At its core, Birgitte’s visual universe is white. Her workshop holds a large number of pieces, ranging from finished works to fragmented sketches and works in progress, all focusing predominantly on form and tactility. Birgitte’s practice is a studio, a gallery, and a workshop all in one.
Structure in resin
Like a breath of fresh air, Poly is an inspiring, eclectic, and innovative design. Birgitte painstakingly selected each color scheme to create a sense of perfect harmony and perfect contrast, while still remaining true to a subtle, minimalist form, which has become her signature. The haziness of the material creates a unique and enticing relationship with light and shadow, almost like a delicate jewel. Poly’s clean lines and strong angles add a sense of durability, and also lend to the design’s contemporary appearance. Drawing inspiration from techniques and color theories used by artists throughout history, this stunning design is made entirely out of resin, and is suited to add a sense of artistry and modernity to any space.
Work in plaster, frame in anodized aluminium
Continuum by Birgitte Due Madsen, the latest addition to the Design Editions collection, illustrates Madsen’s profound understanding of plaster and how the material reacts to light. The repetition of three-dimensional curves generates a near-complete gray scale of light and shadow on the material’s porous white surface. Available in two patterns, Continuum A-A and Continuum B-B, each variant is available in a limited edition quantity of twenty. Made in Piemonte, Italy.
Structure in resin
TIME was originated from a gypsum form into resin. By composing different types of colors, a very playful and inviting, almost candy-colored, piece was created, which calls for a following touch in the interaction with the viewer. TIME surprises and attracts with its soft surface and deep reflections of light and shadow, truly unique in every possible way, adorning your space with a clear appreciation of style, artistry, and innovation. The intention behind this table top object is for you to touch and interact with it, bringing about movement and engaging with the material in a tactile fashion. Multiple colors available.
Structure in Acovi acylic
Designed by Birgitte Due Madsen, in collaboration with Jonas Trampedach, Moby is an extraordinarily sculptural table lamp. Filled with intriguing contrasts, it balances a soft and comforting light with a striking, futuristic design. The void in the main element creates a small cap in which the light source is enclosed. When Moby is on, the soft light unfolds and illuminates the cavity, immediately drawing attention to its organic curves. The lamp was originally cast in plaster, but has now been translated into a durable matte acrylic material with a similar silky-smooth expression. Contemporary and refreshing, Moby is a subtle yet stunning addition to homes, offices, and public settings. Made in Denmark by Karakter.