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A home is not a home without books—and really, what’s the use of having an amazing book collection if you don’t have the perfect way to store and display them? Even as the world becomes increasingly digitized, there is something truly transformative about getting lost in a good piece of writing, and our favorite books often become beloved items within our homes. This week, we’re showcasing five storage and shelving units to help you show off your book collection with style and sophistication.
Dan Svarth
Blurring the lines between a bookshelf and something entirely unknown, Dan Svarth’s Book Keeper spotlights the designer’s continuous commitment to innovation. Dynamic and forward-thinking, Book Keeper is a contemporary book corner, allowing you to store an assortment of prized books (as well as LPs, films, or anything else you can imagine) without the burden of a large, heavy bookcase. Book Keeper is easy to move and rearrange, and feels undeniably chic in a variety of places—on the floor, a tabletop, a desk, a counter, a dresser… the possibilities are truly endless. Available in light blue, may green, vermillion, black-brown, melon yellow, and traffic grey.
Time & Style
The simple lines of traditional Japanese design and natural light filtering through the glass create a sense of magnificence in the Silent Cabinet, a storage unit that combines a solid frame with a selection of refined, eco-conscious materials. As a bookcase, Silent Cabinet offers a spacious shelving system for beautifully displaying your favorite books, while also offering a stylish two-column drawer, to store any additional items. Subtle and sophisticated, this elegant design masterfully incorporates the essential qualities of Japanese aesthetics and is certain to become a cherished and enduring part of your home.
Jonas Bohlin
Zink is a prime example of how innovative design can be used to elevate everyday items and transform them into extraordinary works of art. Angular and eye-catching, Zink appears as so much more than a bookshelf; it is a design which incorporates balance, structure, texture, and shape. With a rustic and industrial edge, Zink is perfect for showcasing your favorite books and magazines, while effortlessly highlighting the uniqueness, versatility, and character of both materials used—birch and concrete. 
Knud Holscher
While bookcases typically tend to be fairly utilitarian in nature, Roller Cabinet takes functionality and convenience to a higher level, offering not just mobility for your book collection, but allows you to quickly close things up when not in use. Additionally, the locations of the shelves can be changed and customized to accommodate books and items of varying sizes. Large enough to hold several hundred books but compact enough for small spaces, this ingenious design is equally suited for the home or office, as well as academic settings. Roller Cabinet is available in Oregon Pine or plexiglass, two vastly different materials, ensuring that the convenience and ease of this unique design can be incorporated into both traditional and contemporary spaces.
MA/U Studio
The R.I.G. modular shelving system was designed based on the idea of joining simple principles—optimized use of materials, enhanced functionality, and a minimalist aesthetic; all with an industrial touch. R.I.G. is incredibly customizable, perfect for optimizing storage in spaces of all sizes, and an ideal addition to both domestic and professional spaces. Clean, stylish, and contemporary, this system combines a small handful of components which can be easily connected in numerous ways, all attached by using a universal screw. Shelves available in marble, glass, veneer, or MDF.