At SUITE NY, we love designs that breathe life, personality, and elegance into your space. At the same time, we also love designs that add functionality, convenience, and ease to your day, making mundane chores or complicated tasks feel a little less drab and a little more luxurious. And when you think about it, our lives are entirely made up of engaging with useful tools and items to help us accomplish different tasks, so why not incorporate designs you love into everyday living? This week, as we get back into the swing of things after Labor Day weekend, we’re highlighting five items to make day-to-day life a little less laborious.
Mats Theselius
Sheriff is a refreshingly contemporary take on the office chair. The chair’s strong, rounded back gives Sheriff a distinctive presence, while the contrast between organic Tarnsjo leather and steel frame create a stunningly modern edge. Sheriff doesn’t sacrifice functionality either, as the chair is height-adjustable, includes a tilt function, and features a five star base on casters, allowing you to work and move around with ease. Whether you’re happily working from home or gradually transitioning back into the office, Sheriff is the perfect chair to make your work life easier, more ergonomic, and of course, more stylish. Leather available in natural, black, or brown. Steel frame available in chrome, black oxide, or copper.
Vincent Van Duysen
Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen’s collection of pottery epitomizes his minimalist aesthetic, often expressed by the use of natural materials and subtle color. Though each piece is powerful in isolation, the collection is conceived as an entity: an evocation of the shelves of stacked vessels in a potter’s studio. In the newest edition, Van Duysen marries the natural grain of walnut with the cement-like surface of Muschelkalk, a material created from limestone deposit. Whether used for serving, decoration, or to store everyday kitchen items, the VVD Pottery is an ideal accessory for today’s home, or even an office, and reminds us that even the most simple tasks can feel better when integrated with beautiful, thoughtful design.
Giancarlo Pozzi and Achille Castiglioni
Comodo is a refreshing and versatile item designed by Italian design mastermind Achille Castiglioni in partnership with Giancarlo Pozzi, visually pleasing through its juxtaposition of wood and steel. The multi-use storage unit is easy and minimalist, and opens up into a two-tiered tray system, increasing its functionality and catering to a multitude of uses, including a bedside table, a tray, a coffee table, or simply as a storage box to hold small items and trinkets, or frequently used items like keys, glasses, and wallets. Supposedly Castiglioni, being a big fan of sweets, used his own Comodo to store candy. Available in matte lacquered black stained oak or matte lacquered white oiled oak.
Anna Kraitz
With a unique personality and distinguished silhouette, Babe is a contemporary and elegant coat hanger, fit to add charm and character to spaces of any function. Swedish designer Anna Kraitz is known for creating inspiring and whimsical designs, and Babe’s defining design elements are the leather belts which adorn the base and head of the hanger, unexpected yet entirely innovative. In addition to adding texture, depth, and contrasting colors to the design, the addition of the leather belts establishes Babe as a fully realized design, meant to set itself apart from a traditional coat hanger. Available in a lacquered or coppered steel frame, and in a wide range of colors. Leather belt accents available in natural, black, or brown.
Arne Jacobsen
Danish designer Arne Jacobsen originally designed this elegant trolley for his tea, but its possibilities for the modern home are truly endless. As a bar cart, serving trolley or side table, the mobile design is incredibly versatile with a sophisticated, architectural edge. Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to serve food, a timelessly stylish side table, or a bart cart to liven up your space, the AJ Trolley holds endless potential to add convenience and functionality to your space, and just making life a little bit easier. Best of all, it will remain ‘modern’ – and always useful – for decades to come.