July 10, 2019

For many of us, the beach plays an essential role in our summer experience. Evoking childhood memories of building sandcastles and being pulled in by the tide, the beach is an escape from everyday noise and business. Whether it’s a solo trip to destress and decompress, a fun family getaway, or a weekend with friends, this week we’re featuring five essential items to transform your beach house into the perfect summer space.
Ulla Koskinen, 2009 | 2018
Anything we could write about the My Lounge can be stated just as clearly by simply looking at it. Very few designs evoke such an immediate sense of comfort, beckoning you to let yourself truly unwind and melt into its soft embrace. The My Lounge retains a playful identity through its appearance as a contemporary version of a bean-bag chair, but still manages to look incredibly stylish and provide exceptional comfort. My Lounge is available in both indoor and outdoor varieties, making it an essential addition to the terrace, balcony, or pool area, as well as lounge and living spaces. My Lounge Outdoor is water-resistant and sunlight-resistant, and both versions are available in a variety of neutral colors and patterns.
Hans J. Wegner, 1949
esigned by Hans J. Wegner, PP512 is a timeless design that was developed with the intention of being folded up and hung on the wall, almost as a piece of art, when not in use. The chair folds out easily and conveniently whenever desired, and the gorgeous contrast of the rattan seat and back against the smooth, solid wooden frame creates a soft elegance that translates beautifully into beachy summer settings. When it comes to relaxation, PP512 does the work for you, creating a comfortable space to put your mind and body at ease—all that’s left to do is sit back with a cold drink and your favorite book. PP512’s frame is available in solid oak or ash, seat and back in natural or light cane rattan. 
GamFratesi 2013
Incredibly modern and undeniably chic, Suspence Nomad is more than just a light—it’s a conversation starter. Challenging the conventional thinking about how a lamp should look and function, Suspence is a portable floor light that can easily be picked up and moved from place to place, adding a cozy, diffused light wherever you choose to set it down. Suspence Nomad is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it the perfect summer addition to illuminate an evening picnic, dinner on the terrace, or late night walk on the beach. The cord is available in a subtle grey or eye-catching red, allowing a touch of personalization in an already unique design.
Ole Schjøll, 2018
The OS Stool is the result of years of design inspiration, and numerous collaborations throughout Ole Schjøll’s career. The design idea has evolved over time, ultimately leading to a beautiful, functional and very durable stool—the epitome of ambitious craftsmanship and design. Light and refreshing, the stool is the perfect beach house addition, whether used in lounge spaces, bedrooms, or casual dining areas. Featuring a braided wicker cushion and bold, curved legs, Ole Schjøll's Stool combines both rustic and contemporary elements to create a modern day classic.  
Lievore, Altherr, Molina, 2006
Playful and contemporary, the Zoe Chair simply begs you to relax. Extraordinarily comfortable, Zoe’s plush figure allows you to sink in and immerse yourself in supreme Summer bliss. Zoe takes the shape of the user’s body through interior compartments of micro-beads, which then allow ergonomics to vary with the movement of the body. Zoe’s fun appearance works effortlessly in lounge spaces, bedrooms, and children’s rooms, and is also available in an outdoor version, the perfect finishing touch to a relaxing beach house getaway. Zoe can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and is available in many different sizes, as a pouf, as a chaise, or as a lounge chair.
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