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There is something so wonderfully comforting and luxurious about the feeling of a high-quality rug against the skin, whether it is a lush wool or the earthy woven texture of one of our innovative paper and wood rugs. Beyond the tactile and functional nature of rugs, they also have an unmatched capacity to transform a space, using color, pattern, and shape to tie a room together. Today, we’re showcasing five of our absolute favorite rugs in our collection, each capable of elevating your space in an entirely new way.
Claesson Koivisto Rune
Willow was first displayed at Helsinki Design Week 2002, and upon being relaunched in 2022, the design still feels fresh and contemporary. The design’s irregular striping is dyed using willow bark, while the entire rug is made of paper yarn, combining gentle tones of willow dye and the neutral base color. The natural dye is produced locally in Finland and the use of willow dye is especially symbolic, given that the material of the carpet itself is spun from wood. The rug is available with a variety of edgings, backings, and fringes.
All The Way To Paris
Featuring gorgeous, symmetrical linework that contrasts elegantly against the neutral-toned wool, the Cruise Rug’s appealing patterns add a sense of dimension and modernity. The design allows Cruise to elevate and refine your space in a way that feels sophisticated, tasteful, and current. Each rug is handloom-woven, which is a skilled production technique that produces a dense, velvet-like feel, resulting in an astonishingly soft texture. The material has a subtle sheen which is achieved by spinning a small amount of viscose into the woolen fibers. The Cruise Rug is available in two colorways and two sizes.
Woodnotes Design Team
The Outdoor Carpet Collection from Woodnotes allows you to have both style and quality in weather resistant floor coverings. The collection is available in a wide range of stylish, neutral toned patterns, each one exhibiting a chic, modern minimalism. The material is intended especially for outdoor use and is suitable for humid conditions. The carpets are exceptionally soft, abrasion resistant, and designed to facilitate the quick transpiration of moisture, while offering a material whose colors will remain undamaged by extended exposure to sunlight. The result is a modern outdoor carpet that will endure the test of time, both aesthetically and functionally.
Salem Van der Swaagh
From production to aesthetic, the SVS Rugs are a genuinely original design, capable of dramatically enhancing a space. Enticing and innovative, each rug is hand-woven, creating entirely one-of-a-kind pieces. The combination of textures, neutral tones, and fringed edges work together to harmoniously define a rug that feels timeless and looks sophisticated and stylish. The SVS Rugs are also eco-friendly; each rug is designed and hand-woven in New York using 100% salvaged material from industrial weaving which is then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products.
Cecilie Manz
Rugs is a collection of stylish, innovative, and artistic rugs that showcase designer Cecilie Manz’s true creative genius. Each of the four rug designs draw inspiration from the designer’s own pencil drawings with geometric cut-outs, paper layering and colored pencils, as well as shapes cast by sunlight through her studio windows. Various tufting heights within each design make these rugs subtly three dimensional. Each rug is hand-tufted in India and colored with acid-free dye. Proceeds from production support children’s education in Nepal.