Extraordinary furniture is capable of being both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Worthy of praise and admiration, these special pieces are recognized in the design world for their innovative and functional qualities. This week we bring you five award-winning pieces, designs that toe the line between function, comfort, and art.
Viggo Boesen, 2018
Initially launched in 1938, the Little Petra won instant praise at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition. Notably Vigo Boesen’s most acclaimed design, the Petra’s grounded, embracing form subsequently went on to win even more awards in New York City and Berlin. 80 years after its inception, with only 30 original pieces produced, the Little Petra has come back to life. Upholstered in a variety of fabrics, leather, and sheepskin. 
Ilkka Suppanen, Raffaella Mangiarotti, 2013
Honored with the Innovation Award at IMM Cologne in 2013, this multipurpose chair can be used in a variety of settings. Both comfortable and functional, the beauty of the Siro+ lies in its versatility. Its flat surface allows for multifunctional use, designed with the intent to be used as a dining chair, night table, or bench, this solid oak design adapts to any interior to fit your needs. Also available as a stool, counter and bar height.
Greta Grossman, 1949
Greta Grossman’s iconic collection, the Cobra, was the recipient of the 1950 Good Design Award. Later the series went on to exhibit at the Good Design Show at the Museum of Modern Art. Featuring a highly functional design, the flexible tubular arm bends in all directions and the cobra-like oval shade can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing for an effortless adjustment. The chic design of the Cobra is as relevant today as it was seventy years ago. Also available as a table or wall lamp.  
Jørgen Rasmussen, 1958
“The better you sit, the more you get done.” Architect Jorgen Rasmussen believed that proper posture and comfort while sitting was essential towards being productive. Designed well before the term “ergonomic” was even coined, the Kevi chair was awarded the prestigious ID Prize in 1959 due to its innovative design. Today, the Kevi’s pioneering ergonomic design is found in institutions as well as residences worldwide. Available as a full collection. 
Jaime Hayon, 2013
The Ro™ lounge chair by famed Spanish designer, Jaime Hayon, was awarded the Elle Decor International Design award in 2014 in the seating category. This simple and elegant design is brought to life by the soft lines, protective shell, and comfortable features of the chair. Ro, which translates from Danish into, “tranquility,” perfectly reflects Hayon’s take on the Nordic approach to design.