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As we transition into the Autumn months, we find ourselves enamored with the warm, earthy tones associated with the season’s color palette. As art often imitates life, our collection is full of designs capable of stylishly reflecting the essence of Fall in your interior. This week we’re excited to showcase a curated selection of our favorite designs for integrating Autumnal colors into your space.
Space Copenhagen
Upholstery is an exceptional tool for introducing color and texture into a space, so what better way to integrate autumnal aesthetics than with a fully-upholstered sofa? The Loafer sofa is a luxurious design, offering plush seating, detailed stitching, and a form that integrates timeless mid-century appeal with contemporary sensibilities. Available in a range of high-quality fabrics, Loafer serves as an elegant platform to bring your favorite Fall colors indoors.
Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows
The CB Sling Club Chair is perfectly suited for curling up on crisp Autumn days next to a roaring fire. Designed to achieve extraordinary comfort, the seat is suspended in a cubic frame, with a reclining back pitched to an angle that allows for both engagement and repose. The materials and construction radiate true craftsmanship, pairing soft, natural leather cushioning with a four-post wood and steel structure, a reminder of BassamFellows’ commitment to pushing structural boundaries in each design. Exposed frame in solid walnut or ash. Seat and back suspension belting in leather.
Kate Hume
Inspired by the rich hues of autumn, Rock Vase by Kate Hume captures the essence of the Fall color palette. Modeled after her timeless glass designs, Caillou and Pebbles, Rock presents a similar concept in a larger form. Rock retains many of the designers signature elements, such as bold shapes, jewel-tone colors, and exceptional glass artistry. With its gentle, fluid form, Rock promises to infuse your space with the warm and inviting tones of Fall. Available in cognac, dark grey green, forest green, and aubergine.
Matti Klenell & Peter Andersson
One of our most cherished designs from Källemo’s collection, Botero’s shape and silhouette are both unique, with a leather-upholstered seat and wraparound back that lend to exceptional comfort. Originally designed for the newly renovated National Museum in Stockholm, Botero is an ideal choice for both residential or commercial dining spaces, making it perfect for enjoying warm meals on crisp autumn evenings. Available in several different colors and finishes, Botero’s sophisticated presentation retains a classic feel without appearing outdated or familiar, and offers a tremendously comfortable dining experience.

Patricia Urquiola
While warm, Fall tones are often associated with natural materials like wood, glass is a perfectly suitable vehicle for tapping into the season’s colors. In Bisel, as with all of Urquiola’s designs for Glas Italia, the intersection between color and material is explored through tinted, colored glass. Urquiola’s exceptional understanding of the potential of this material can be found in every detail of Bisel’s design—the tabletop, the base, the edges, and the way light appears as it passes through the table. Available in ochre or green.