April 14, 2020

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference—as shown in the image above of the Ettore coffee table’s hand-painted detail, the blurring of these lines can lead to the creation of beautiful, innovative designs. This week, we’re highlighting five art-inspired designs that allow you to add dimension, personality, and conversation pieces into your space. Looking at these items, we’re reminded that as human beings, we often rely on art to add beauty, character and meaning to our lives.
Åsa Jungnelius
At first glance, Ettore is already a creative masterpiece. The combination of brass, stainless steel, and dichroic glass, all in different shapes and colors, feels like it might belong in a gallery in addition to the home. A closer look inside the stainless steel supporting structure reveals what is essentially a hand-painted kaleidoscope, stunningly complex and beautifully colorful, alluding to the idea of an eternal abyss. Each table is individually painted by the artist, inspired by Jungnelius’ commission to design and decorate an entire new subway station in Stockholm, making this innovative design all the more unique.
Salem Van Der Swaagh
Just one look at the SVS Rugs, and it’s clear this design is something special. Each rug is hand-woven, which ensures that no one rug is exactly the same as another, creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The elegant combination of textures, elegant pearl color, and fringed edges harmoniously define a rug that feels effortless and contemporary, and feels tasteful in spaces of any style and size. The SVS Rugs are designed and hand woven in Berlin, using 100% salvaged material from industrial weaving which is then repurposed into highly textured, luxurious wool products.
Dan Pollock
The Pollock tables are a stunning example of the timeless beauty that can be created when we take inspiration rooted in the arts, and combine it with natural, organic materials. When creating each table, the designer prioritizes finding sources for wood that will not require a living tree to be cut down. In describing his creative process, he explains that “my sculptures are sometimes for the sake of art and sometimes function, often both. In any case, each sculpture has its own charm and appeal.” Each design is one-of-a-kind and hand-carved from recycled wooden stumps found in the forests of California. Designer Dan Pollock was born and raised in Southern California and has spent the past 31 years living on a fifteen-acre ranch located in the high desert which sits at the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest.
Luciano Vistosi
Designed by Luciano Vistosi in 1978, the iconic Munega table light is a timeless design, the result of sculptural inspiration combined with skilled freehand technique. Available in several different sizes, this stunning light feels incredibly contemporary and makes a fantastic addition to modern spaces both residential and commercial. Munega’s sculpturesque silhouette offers something not often found in lighting designs, and provides the lamp with purpose and function far beyond simply illuminating a space; it functions as a decorative, art-inspired piece that adds dimension and personality wherever it is placed.
Cecilie Manz
Rugs is a collection of stylish, innovative and artistic rugs that showcase designer Cecilie Manz’s true creative genius. Each of the four rug designs draw inspiration from the designer’s own pencil drawings with geometric cut-outs, paper layering and coloured pencils, as well as shapes cast by sunlight through her studio windows. Various tufting heights within each design make these rugs subtly three dimensional and tactually interesting. Each rug is hand-tufted in India and coloured with acid-free dye. Proceeds from production support children’s education in Nepal.
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