February 13, 2020

Today we are thrilled to introduce you to Angelo Mangiarotti’s stunning Bronze designs. Designed by the iconic Italian architect, sculptor, and designer, these new items represent Mangiarotti’s exploration of materials beyond stone and wood. Born in Milan in 1921, Mangiarotti’s career spans decades. He effectively established himself as a force within the international design world by integrating architecture and sculpture into the modern home through his, now iconic, pieces. His legacy lives on in his transformative designs, and this week, it is our honor to present a limited collection of previously unseen pieces in cast bronze designed at the height of Mangiarotti’s illustrious career.
Angelo mangiarotti
The SK207 table represents the first in a limited series of 100 pieces, of
which SUITE NY holds the #1 SK207 table to be crafted worldwide. This piece
reveals Mangiarotti’s first foray into working with metals, instantly
proving that his exceptional understanding of shape, space, texture, and
color transcend the boundaries of specific materials. In the SK207,
Mangiarotti employs the ancient technique of lost-wax casting. A long and
elaborate process, typically associated with the production of sculptures
and not suitable for large-scale manufacturing, lost-wax casting results in
each table being entirely unique from the others, as the mold itself needs
to be destroyed in order to extract the item. With its conical bronze base
and striking marble tabletop, SK207 is an unquestionable statement piece
for the contemporary home. Signed and engraved as number 1/100, stop by our
showroom for an exclusive look at this never-before-seen work of art.
Angelo Mangiarotti
Continuing his exploration into working with bronze, Mangiarotti designed
the CAP53 collection in 1959. SUITE NY proudly holds #1 and #2 in this
elegant limited series of 100 bronze vase sets crafted through the
laborious but worthwhile process of lost-wax casting. Casting and polishing
enhance the color, brilliance, and texture of the material, drawing out and
showcasing all of the unique and impressive qualities of bronze. The design
of the vases is built on the principle that two circles of different
diameter, moving along the vertical axes, can create a great number of
different objects. CAP53 is available in three versions, each of them
available in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies.
The slimmest of the three vases, Vase 1 presents a unique visual contrast through its small cylindrical base and the flat, wide brim which surrounds the opening. Minimalist yet full of character, Vase 1 works beautifully on coffee tables, side tables, and console tables, adding a sense of rustic and sculptural elegance to any room.
The gentle curves of Vase 2 almost appear to flow in a tranquil, water-like
fashion. The vase’s shape is small enough to fit seamlessly into a wide
range of spaces, but large enough to accommodate the storage of a variety
of items and floral arrangements. Though not overstated, the vase makes its
presence known through a gorgeous juxtaposition of form, texture, and
The lowest and widest of the three vases, Vase 3’s versatile shape allows
the vase to take on many potential uses and functions. The vase’s large
cavity caters to showcasing items beyond those normally attributed to a
vase. Instead, Vase 3 can be used as a decorative bowl, tray, or a vase for
holding large floral arrangements. An ideal centerpiece for larger tables,
Vase 3’s endless possibilities encourage us to think outside the box.
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