An unmatched figure in Italian design, Angelo Mangiarotti was an architect, designer, and sculptor whose work has influenced generations of designers. Born in Milan in 1921, Mangiarotti’s career spans decades. He effectively established himself as a force within the international design world by integrating architecture and sculpture into the modern home with his furniture, lighting and accessory designs. His legacy lives on in his transformative designs, and this week, it is our honor to showcase five extraordinary works from Mangiarotti’s timeless portfolio.
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1967
 Giogali is Mangiarotti’s modern interpretation of the Venetian chandelier. His design introduced a new concept in the use of glass: a modular lighting system based on a single hand-crafted crystal hook that can be repeated indefinitely. Immersed in the centuries-long tradition of Murano glassmaking, the handblown interlocking crystal pieces create a beautiful reflection in the light, while also contributing to the overall airiness and lightness of the design. Available as a suspension, ceiling, wall or floor lamp.
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1978
 Designed by Mangiarotti nearly fifty years ago, the Tre 3 is an icon of 70s postmodern design. Feeling uniquely suited for the present moment, Tre 3 is instantly identifiable by its three rectangular legs, and topstitched leather sling seat. A foray into the use of organic materials, Tre 3 represents Mangiarotti’s exploration of Nordic Design. Frame available in natural or dark solid oak. Seat available in natural or black leather.
Angelo Mangiarotti , 1957
Originally designed by Mangiarotti in 1957 for the Club 44 in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, the Club 44 Chair is a decidedly architectural armchair. Radical at the time of its design, Club 44 was originally created with multi-layer laminated birch wood. With or without armrests, the Club 44 chair is also available in an oak veneer with natural, dark oak, brown or white finish and multiple upholstery options.
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1978
Throughout his career, Angelo Mangiarotti produced countless iconic designs, drawing influence from architectural shapes and materials. The Lari Lamp is a multi-disciplinary creation which draws from Mangiarotti’s experience as a designer, architect and sculptor. Incorporating glass, steel, and electricity, it is essentially a functioning light sculpture. Lari is composed of mouth blown glass in two shells, held together by the base, which also supports the light’s electrical system. Also available in a portable mini version.

Angelo Mangiarotti, 1969
The M Table is a fluid, commanding piece with a strong silhouette and elegant presence. M Table is the first example in Mangiarotti’s work which uses marble in home furnishings. This sculptural form is the perfect size for a dining or center table. Available in white Carrara marble, black Marquina marble, grey Carnic marble, green Alpi marble, Emperador Dark marble, or Travertine.