It’s Independence Day! 4th of July is a holiday filled with pride and celebration. This week at Suite NY, we wanted to shine a spotlight on designers Mel Smilow, Craig Bassam, and Scott Fellows. Made in America, we bring you five pieces that are both beautiful and expertly crafted.
Mel Smilow, 1960
This American classic never goes out of style. Generations have rocked their way to relaxation. Featured in the American Pavilion at Expo 1967, this solid ash piece by Mel Smilow is as comfortable as it is beautiful, a valuable addition to any room. Available in Ash, Walnut, and Ebonized Ash.
Craig Bassam & Scott Fellows, 2002
The CB-35, the jewel of the Circular Table Series, is built for durability and elegance. The radial cut American walnut top crowns the solid brass tripod base, resting an inch above the base, effectively creating the floating illusion of a slight reveal. Originally designed to address the need for refined indoor/outdoor furniture, the Circular Dining Table is also available in Teak for outdoor use. 
Mel Smilow, 1956
Smilow Furniture is an “Enduring Modern Classic,” made in America since 1949. This leather and wood piece features high quality materials and exceptional detail. The solid walnut frame provides exceptional support and durability. Paired with the leather strapping the result is a comfortable everyday sitting chair. Matching ottoman available.
Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, 2017
The newest collection to debut from American brand, Bassam Fellows, is the Geometric. A collection pulling from many influences and international design styles, yet purely American. The featured CB-454 incorporates the use of solid walnut, leather, Vienna caning, and steel. The Geometric Lounge is ergonomic, comfortable, and durable. Natural grain wrapping, a signature element of the Geometric Series, elegantly conceals all the welds, joinery, and seams. Available in Nickel or Bronze, Walnut or Ash.
Mel Smilow, 1956
Simple and classic, the woven rush dining chair offers expert craftsmanship, comfort, and versatility. Available with or without armrests, this piece can be easily integrated into any interior. The simple solid walnut structure frames the simplicity of the design while detailing the intricate hand-woven seat. Part of the Woven Rush collection, this line also features a bench and an easy chair with a matching ottoman.