July 03, 2019

While conversations about design are often centered around designers and manufacturers in Europe, the United States has an incredible history of influencing the global design world, and is home to many designers who continue to produce pieces that transform and impact our homes, our lifestyles, and our societies. This week, we’re highlighting five designs made in the United States and created by American designers, showcasing the best that American design—past and present—has to offer.
Dan Pollock
Handmade in the United States, the Pollock Tables add a refreshingly organic feeling to any space, and are versatile enough to work in traditional or contemporary settings, both residential and commercial. When creating each table, Pollock prioritizes finding sources for wood that will not require a living tree to be cut down. In describing his creative process, he explains that "my sculptures are sometimes for the sake of art and sometimes function, often both. In any case, each sculpture has its own charm and appeal." Each design is one-of-a-kind and hand-carved from recycled wooden stumps found in the forests of California. Designer Dan Pollock was born and raised in Southern California and has spent the past 31 years living on a fifteen-acre ranch located in the high desert which sits at the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest.
Mel Smilow, 1960
Designed in 1960 by iconic mid-century designer Mel Smilow, the Classic Rocking Chair pays homage to decades of American culture by defining a staple piece in homes across all regions of the United States: the rocking chair. Originally featured in the American Pavilion at Expo 1967, this design reminds us that there is a reason we call Smilow Furniture “enduring modern classics.” The Classic Rocking Chair has stood the test of time. Made of solid ash and available in a natural finish or in red or black lacquer, this chair feels timeless and appropriate in almost any setting, and encourages you to sit back and truly embrace relaxation.
Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows, 2003
Connecticut-based design duo Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows have created a name for themselves designing stunningly beautiful, contemporary wooden furniture that draws from mid-century influences. Their designs fit into almost any modern home, and the Tractor Stool is no exception. The idea for the stool was born during a business trip to Switzerland, when designer Craig Bassam happened upon a tractor seat on the side of the road. Impressed by the seat’s ergonomics and innate ability to keep him upright even without a back, he decided to recreate the seat in solid wood. The Tractor Stool is not only supremely comfortable, but also encourages correct posture, and is available in dining, bar, or counter heights for added versatility and personalization. Available in teak, iroko, walnut, white oak, and ash.
Mel Smilow, 1956
Another iconic piece by Mel Smilow, the Rush Bench is the epitome of classic, timeless American design. The solid wooden bench features a handwoven rush seat, which is available in natural or black. Like all Smilow Furniture designs, the Rush Bench is made with the finest craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail to ensure that each piece exhibits extraordinary quality. The Woven Rush series also includes a dining chair, armchair, lounge, stool, and ottoman, allowing for an astounding degree of continuity and consistency throughout your space if desired.
Douglas Fanning, 2013
The right lighting can be so much more than a lamp; it can be a statement piece. This belief rings true in all of Douglas Fanning’s sculptural designs. Douglas Fanning produces Amerian-made, forward-thinking lighting that pushes the boundaries of form and physics to create uncompromisingly daring pieces. Available in a range of three configurations—single, double, or triple tier—Mobile has the potential to completely redefine a space. Gracefully suspended in the air, Mobile consists of slim, hand-milled, seamless blades housing an LED light source, adding depth and dimension to your space while creating an entirely new lighting experience.
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