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Specializing in solid wood, American-made, mid-century designs, Smilow Furniture was started by pivotal New York designer, Mel Smilow. It later experienced something of a renaissance after being reintroduced to a new generation of designers and architects by Mel’s granddaughter, Judy Smilow. The result of an acute interest in and an eye for modern design, Smilow’s pieces represent core midcentury aesthetics and values, and even today, though timeless, feel like a reference to a specific moment in design history. There is something for everyone in Smilow’s iconic collection, and this week, it is our absolute pleasure to showcase the incredible collection from our close friends at Smilow Design.
Smilow Design
Made of solid walnut, the Rail Back Sofa is a prime example of hand-crafted wooden furniture. Featuring an exposed rail structure, this architectural piece presents exceptional detail from every angle. The sofa’s most notable feature—its unique, stunning cage-like frame—is a strikingly beautiful element, which not only defines the sofa but the space around it. The Rail Back’s mid-century appeal feels just as relevant today as it did in 1950 when it was originally designed, reminding us why we refer to Smilow pieces as “enduring modern classics.” With its elegant silhouette, plush cushions, and smooth wooden features, you’re almost guaranteed to fall in love at first sight with the Rail Back Sofa.
Smilow Design
Stackable chairs are fairly commonplace, but have you ever seen stackable tables? From the innovative mind of Mel Smilow, the Slatted Stacking Tables were born. Like all of Smilow’s designs, the Slatted Stacking Tables showcase many of the qualities that make mid-century design so timelessly alluring. However, the tables’ stacking capability reveal an added commitment to functionality. The contrast between the varying shades and tones of the natural wood, combined with the geometric beauty of the slatted tabletop, add dimension to this already exceptional design, which functions as both a table and a seat. Standing alone, a single table is a perfect place to set down a cup of tea, and with a cushion, it becomes functional additional seating. When stacked, the walnut slats create a gridlock pattern and the silhouette of the 3 tables becomes a work of art.
Smilow Design
The Woven Rush Bench is the epitome of a classic, timeless design. The solid wooden bench features a handwoven rush seat, which offers an inviting texture that appeals to the senses, both sight and touch, and is available in natural or black. Like all Smilow designs, the Rush Bench is made with the finest craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail to ensure that each piece exhibits extraordinary quality. The Woven Rush series also includes a dining chair, armchair, lounge, stool, and ottoman, allowing for an astounding degree of continuity and consistency throughout your space if desired.
Smilow Design
Though seemingly simple, there is so much to stay about Mel Smilow’s Hanging Pendant. A testament to Smilow’s incredibly thoughtful and thorough approach to design, the Hanging Pendant combines an expert knowledge of design and craftsmanship with a keen eye for detail, and an instinct for creating designs that look simply fabulous—a talent that is less about learned, and more about designer’s intuition. The Hanging Pendant is a gorgeous lamp, and a stunning introduction to the Smilow Lighting Collection. The lamp features brass fixtures, a walnut structure, and a linen lampshade with birch dowels, creating a sense of depth, pattern, and personality. Available in two sizes.
Smilow Design
Very few types of furniture have experienced such a resurgence in popularity as the mid-century credenza, and if you’ve been looking for a special piece for your home, Smilow’s C3000 Credenza might be just what you need. Made of solid walnut with matching doors and beautifully finished front and back, this credenza incorporates materful craftsmanship and an unmatched ability for highlighting the astounding elegance and versatility of natural wood furniture. Perfect for lounge spaces, dining rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, and home offices, the C3000 Credenza finds itself at home in virtually any space. Also available in a wall-mounted version without legs.