The earliest evidence of metalworking can be traced back thousands of years, but only in much more recent history has metal taken center stage in furniture design. Sleek and versatile, metal’s unique qualities provide designers with a range of avenues—whether used to add an industrial edge or futuristic essence, metal can elevate designs in ways that feel polished and exciting. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the beauty, versatility, and ingenuity of metal.
Poul Kjærholm
The PK9™ is known as one of Poul Kjærholm’s master works and is also an icon of 20th century design. Behind its elegant facade lies a very human story. Kjærholm based this ergonomic work on his wife Hanne’s form after an afternoon spent sitting on the beach. The impression Hanne left in the sand is what ultimately led to the unique form of the perfectly proportioned seat. Stainless steel base. Seat available fully upholstered in a selection of limited edition leather.
Mats Theselius
It’s clear from its appearance where Aluminium’s name comes from, but there is more to this innovative design than meets the eye.  Aluminium is as much an original work of art as it is a functional piece of furniture. The design presents a visual contrast between its luxurious leather upholstery, sleek aluminum body, and solid wood armrests. A chair unlike any other, Aluminium is an exceptionally striking statement piece, and an obvious conversation starter.
Dan Svarth
Minimal opulence; with a hand-forged stainless steel frame by blacksmith Mikkel Kjærholm, the grandson of Poul Kjærholm, the Tube Chair, designed by Dan Svarth is a symphony in metallurgy. With a parchment seat that appears to float on air, what seems effortless is actually a complex functional construction of metal, wood and hide born out of the imagination of the designer. Hand-polished steel frame. Seat available in goat rawhide (parchment), black Elegance leather, and natural Vegetal leather.
The Epic table lives up to its name—the core concept behind this sculptural design was initially inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture, with the intention of making a lasting impression. Epic takes on a strong, pronounced identity, utilizing solid steel to adopt an industrial, contemporary look. The steel plates have been galvanized, lacquered, and then treated with a series of hand-finishing processes to create a unique surface expression for each table. Available in multiple sizes in midnight black, misty grey, or earthy red.
Verner Panton
The iconic and modular Pantonova System was designed in 1971 by the visionary Verner Panton and consists of three different seating modules: Linear, Concave and Convex. The concept was initially created for the now-legendary Danish restaurant, Varna. The sculptural chairs can be used alone as an elegant touch or combined in various organic shapes like a circle, a wave or an S, to create quite the visual impact. Each piece is made entirely of 5mm wire, in both indoor and outdoor material options. Cushions are available for added comfort and customization.
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