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Designs that incorporate metalwork often have a way of enhancing and elevating concepts that feel familiar, or allowing us to create new, innovative solutions. Carrying a different presence from other materials, such as wood and stone, metal’s sleek, cool character often provides a sense of modernity and adds a contemporary edge to otherwise subtle or traditional designs. Additionally, metalwork requires expert craftsmanship, mastery, and skillfulness, utilized by experienced artisans, in order to fully realize the endless capabilities of this versatile material. This week, we’re highlighting five items that showcase the incredible potential of metalwork designs from across the globe.
Blending clear mid-century influences with refreshing, contemporary concepts, the Plank Dining Table aims to minimize the essentials of a table to its simplest components. Beautiful solid wood is juxtaposed against an oxidized brass frame, skillfully crafted into a distinctive triangular shape, while the sculptural simplicity of the table’s form and the placement of the supports allow the table to function as a one-person desk or as a multi-person table for home or office. Plank feels equally at home in residential, commercial, and public spaces, ranging from high-end restaurants to museums and galleries.
Aldo Bakker
With a shape that seems to reference a spiral staircase and a silhouette that creates a unique interplay between light and shadows, Coffee Table is an entirely new idea for an occasional table. Designed by the inimitable Aldo Bakker, Coffee Table requires a masterful understanding of metalwork, as the design consists of a single sheet of steel, cut so that it can be “rolled up” into a table in one smooth motion. Due to the spiral shape, a self-supporting construction is created. Coffee Table is an artistic, geometric table unlike any other, where Bakker’s exquisite sense of merging colour, material and form has come into play to create an occasional table with an effortless and sculptural appeal.
Giopato & Coombes
A lamp unlike any other, Gioielli continues Giopato and Coombe’s unstoppable track record of exceptionally innovative designs. Exhibiting the perfect combination of geometric and expressive forms, technology and decoration, the Gioielli light presents an artistic design that instantly becomes a statement piece within an interior. The design is defined by the creative and unexpected juxtaposition of different shapes and materials, and the contrast between its gold metallic structure and emerald murano glass “gems,” which almost carry a futuristic and magical air about them. The combination of reflective materials and relationship between each shape creates a harmony, and unites the entire composition.
Offering a magnificent combination of mid-century appeal and superior comfort, this Geometric Daybed places gorgeous leather upholstery alongside sophisticated steel tubing and an elegant wooden seat deck. The Geometric Daybed provides exceptional comfort, while the craftsmanship and production techniques employed in the design’s manufacturing are a testament to BassamFellow’s expertise. Whether you’re curling up with a good book and a cup of warm apple cider, or preparing to hibernate through the Winter, the Geometric Daybed will allow you to cozily and comfortably lounge through the chilly months to come.
Mario Botta
Exquisite design and construction have a tendency to remind us things are not always as they appear. Such could be said for the Seconda chair. At first, it may be hard to discern exactly what you’re looking at, due to the design’s unique silhouette and playful variety of shapes. However, once you take a closer look, Seconda assumes its true form, as a delightfully innovative lounge chair. The archetypal shapes in architectural geometry inspired this historical masterpiece, which quickly became a classic in the Alias catalogue and an icon of design made in Italy. If you’re looking for an undeniably modern design, or a chair that feels like a work of art in and of itself, Seconda might be your perfect match.