April 22, 2019

Very few materials evoke an immediate sense of style and modernity like stainless steel. Stainless steel gained popularity in the 1920s and has since become the defining feature of many iconic designs, adding sleekness and character wherever it is utilized. With the current resurgence of modernist design, stainless is taking back its rightful place in contemporary design. This week, we’re highlighting five items that exhibit the transformative magic of stainless steel.
Poul Kjaerholm, 1957
Stainless steel can serve many purposes when designing a chair. In the PK11™, Kjærholm used the steel to create a visual contrast between the chair’s different pieces. The light, strong steel is used for the frame construction while warm, organic materials are used for direct contact with the user. From every angle, PK11™ is strikingly crisp and frames its space respectfully against almost any backdrop.
Douglas Fanning, 2016
The stainless steel version of this contemporary and innovative Douglas Fanning design takes an already sleek suspension light, and then adds even more sleekness. Stunningly slender, Taper casts light both upward and downward for increased ambiance—you may even find yourself surprised that such a slim lamp can emit such an expansive range of light. The blade is available in gloss white, gloss black, brushed brass, or satin silver, all of which beautifully compliment the stainless steel canopy and stems.
Ole Schjøll, 2016
One of stainless steel’s most desirable traits is that its qualities can transform a design without being too loud or overstated, and such is the case with Ole Schjøll’s wire table. Originally designed in 1984, it would be 34 years until the Wire Table was brought to life by Danish manufacturer A. Petersen. The complicated intersection of shapes in the table’s stainless steel base adds a dynamic uniqueness to an otherwise simple design, contributing to its overall character and noteworthy presence. Tabletop available in red, black, or white.
Biegert & Funk
An intensely modern iteration of a centuries-old household item, Qlocktwo stylishly welcomes you into the digital age. The recipient of multiple design awards, including a 2011 Interior Innovation Award and a 2010 iF Product Design Award, Qlocktwo instantly adds a heightened sense of modernity to its environment. With its stainless steel facade and LED features, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported into the future.
Bodil Kjaer, 1959
Part of her Upholstered Series, Bodil Kjaer’s Bench is the perfect example of a beautiful design that is entirely elevated by the addition of stainless steel. In this Bench, stainless steel assumes the role of the slightly arched legs as opposed to the seat, but that doesn’t make its impact any less impressive. The stainless steel base contributes to the design’s timelessness and creates a floating aesthetic—characteristic of Kjær’s work—while providing life and character, allowing this piece to blend in seamlessly in both mid-century and contemporary interiors.
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