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Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? With this festive holiday approaching, we can’t help getting lost in thoughts of big, warm meals shared with loved ones around the dinner table. And even though things might look a little different this year, we’re still excited about all of the amazing designs in our collection that cater to the perfect holiday meal—plus, there’s always planning ahead for next year! This week, we’re highlighting five fabulous dining tables to help facilitate the dining experience of your dreams, and inspire nourishing meals, a sense of togetherness, and lifelong memories with family and friends.
A harmonious union of different shapes, colors, textures, and materials, the Embrace Table is a wonderfully contemporary addition to the dining room. Crafted from three components, the design has a wooden base, a steel wire structure and a round tabletop. The table is designed intentionally to provide optimal leg room and a spacious tabletop, to facilitate easy conversation and inviting dinner spreads, while still ensuring maximum comfort. Additionally, the versatile nature of the design allows it to pair beautifully with a wide range of seating options—though we tend to think it looks exceptionally chic alongside it’s natural counterpart, the Embrace Dining Chair.
A table with a name like “Epic” must have quite a profound presence to be worthy of such an adjective; and this table certainly is. Epic is a stunning and impressive design, available as both a dining table and a coffee table. This sculptural piece of furniture was inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture, and the influence is undeniable. Made in Italy from travertine stone, the monolithic form emphasizes the materiality of the stone, the natural beauty of its veins, and the vibrant texture of its unique patina—in which new detail can be discovered with every use. Dining version available in burnt red or neutral white; coffee table available in burnt red, neutral white, or vibrant grey.
Patricia Urquiola
Patricia Urquiola has done it again. In Bisel, as with all of Urquiola’s designs for Glas Italia, the intersection between color and material is explored through tinted, colored glass. Urquiola’s masterful understanding of the amazing potential of colored glass once again can be found in every detail of Bisel’s design; the tabletop, the base, the edges, and the way light appears as it passes through the table. With its jewel-like appearance, the Bisel Dining table is the statement piece your dining room has been waiting for. Available in green or ochre. 
Ole Schjøll
Initially designed for his own home, Ole Schjøll set out to create the perfect dining table, where meals could be enjoyed with family and friends. The result is a contemporary, geometric dining table where circle and cube meet in the form of a round table top and steel wire base. However, the table’s sculptural properties are most evident in the connecting steel wires of its base, which form a star-shaped focal point that allows the dining table to become the centerpiece of the room. A truly unique dining table, the OS Dining Table incorporates a wide range of design techniques and principles to establish a sculptural design that effortlessly sets itself apart. The top, or topplete as they call it, is actually reversible with one side in black linoleum and the other white laminate, allowing you to effortlessly transform your space on a whim.
MA/U Studio
N.E.T. stands for Never Ending table, which feels fitting for a design with endless possibilities. Effortlessly stylish, N.E.T. is a sleek, modern and versatile table, ideal for dining while also meeting a wide range of other needs, because as we know, a table is never just a table—it’s a space to eat, a space to work, and a space to talk and relax. The flexibility of the design allows it to fit elegantly into most contemporary spaces, and still retain a profound and distinctive presence. Frame available in white or black, with tabletop available in bleached douglas or charcoal stained douglas.