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Reflecting on this past year, 2021 was a period of rebirth and re-emergence—as the world came together and bounced back from the uncertainty of 2020, the design community flourished, offering beauty, innovation, and inspiration during a time when it was most needed. This week, as we close out on twelve months of incredible designs, we’re honored to highlight five pieces that stayed with us throughout the year, and that we anticipate to make a lasting impression for years to come.
Pierre Paulin
The moment we first laid eyes on the Pacha Sofa, we were instantly enamored, and it’s no surprise this design has remained on our minds. The natural evolution of Pierre Paulins’ Pacha Lounge Chair, the Pacha Sofa is a modular sofa unlike anything we’ve seen before. Plush, curvaceous, and offering extraordinary comfort, the design almost looks more like an upholstered cloud than a usable sofa. Even more exciting, Pacha Sofa can be customized in a wide range of configurations to meet your needs, with optional connector cushions that allow even more personalization and comfort, a testament to the designer’s keen appreciation for functionality. Available upholstered in a wide range of fabrics and leathers.
Hee Welling
Out of all the designs that left a lasting impression on us this past year, few captured our attention more than the inimitable Rely dining chair. In keeping with designer Hee Welling’s commitment to innovative, minimalist design, the elegant Rely chair is deceptively simple. This practical design is built to last, and constructed to facilitate exceptionally easy maintenance, adding to the chair’s sustainable identity—Welling himself spent nearly a year researching the right materials when developing this eco-friendly design, whose shell is crafted entirely from recycled polypropylene. Available in White, Black, Light Blue, Stone Grey, Red Brown or Beige, with optional upholstery in a wide range of fabrics and leathers.
Dan Svarth
During the holiday season, we often find ourselves filled with anticipation for the year ahead—luckily, Dan Svarth’s Wire Chair is here to propel us into the future. ​​Incredibly contemporary and strikingly chic, this design defies our conventional understanding of a lounge chair, and is both an exercise in creating metal art and a functional chair, suitable for a wide range of settings. Unique in every possible way and undeniably a statement piece, the sleek and fluid Wire Chair sets the tone for a timeless yet ultra-modern setting, defining and transforming the room around it. Frame in hand-polished stainless steel.
Giopato & Coombes
When the world needed a glimmer of hope, Giopato & Coombes gave us so much more. Elegant, austere, and contemporary, the Italian design duo has released Moonstone, an entirely incomparable collection that looks unlike any lighting designs we’ve seen before, and stands apart from the rest of their innovative portfolio. The different shapes of the Moonstone bring together art, sculpture, and technology by combining the use of contemporary materials and techniques, such as thermoformed glass and fiberglass, with more classical elements, such as marble dust and a handmade “Battuto” finish. If you’re looking to add a touch of celestial magnificence to your space as you enter into the new year, look no further than the Moonstone lighting collection.
Good design transcends time and place, allowing itself to meet styles from any decade and cater to a limitless range of tastes and preferences. &Tradition’s Wulff chair understands this astonishingly well. Timeless, chic, and irresistible, the design is incredibly practical yet exceptionally comfortable, combining all of the critical elements that establish an enduring design—which is no surprise, given &Tradition’s reputation as masters of iconic Danish design. Wulff showcases luxurious upholstery and an elegant wooden frame, serving as the perfect way to introduce Scandinavian design sensibilities into any space while also providing an extraordinarily enjoyable seating experience. Frame in solid beech, legs available in oiled oak or oiled walnut.