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Elements Of Nature

These days, it often feels like the plant-based trend is virtually everywhere—and as society’s passion for organic and natural lifestyle choices grows, so does the availability of organically-minded design. But plant-based is more than just a trend or buzz-word. It can be incorporated to create elegant, sustainable designs. This week, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the absolute best that naturally-fueled design has to offer.


Maybe we’re partial to NOIR because we’re based in New York, but there’s something that feels incredibly chic about black furniture. From fabric and leather to upholstery, metal, or wood, designs with black as the primary color have endless potential to transform an environment, while pairing effortlessly with items of any color and shade. This week, we’re highlighting five designs to help you introduce the darkest color to your space.

Winter White

Like fresh fallen snow, the color white evokes a feeling of cleanliness, purity, and a new start. In design, white can do more than just adorn our homes; it can make a statement, influence the style of a room, and transform a space entirely. This week, in the spirit of Winter, we’re highlighting five designs that showcase the elegance, timelessness, and versatility of white furniture.

Roaring Into The 20s

The past ten years have shown that the design world is not just alive but thriving and expanding, with new and exciting designs, designers, and trends shaping modern life and the world as we know it. As this decade comes to an end, we’re excited to look forward and explore what’s next. This week, we’re highlighting designs that showcase the trends and styles to look for in the year to come. From all of us at Suite NY, we wish you a happy and healthy New Year.