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Animals have influenced every area of art and design throughout history. Across the globe, animals represent cultural values, regional characteristics, and the beauty of nature, so it’s no surprise that designers often reference them in their work, sometimes in ways that feel obvious and sometimes in ways that feel subtle. This week, we’re getting in touch with our wild side and highlighting five designs from our collection that draw influence and inspiration from animals.

Winter Solstice

Winter is a profoundly beautiful season, but it’s also the darkest, with the sun setting earlier than any other time of year. These changes place an even greater importance to the way we light our homes, offices, and other environments. Luckily, SUITE NY’s lighting collection is full of stunning options to illuminate your space with warmth and light. This week, we’re highlighting five exceptional lighting designs to brighten your space through the darker months.


Desks are an essential part of life. Whether working in an office, working from home, or enrolled in school, it’s likely that you’re spending a significant portion of each day seated at a desk. But the best desk is more than just a surface—it provides room to work comfortably, and opportunities for organization or collaboration. This week, we’re showcasing five desks that are sure to meet every one of your needs.


Nothing says comfort like tufted furniture. First appearing in the late nineteenth century, tufting originated over 100 years ago in Victorian England and influenced design for decades to come. The technique of tufting involves tightly pulling upholstery back, and then anchoring it with a knot or button, creating a sense of depth and texture. Almost instinctively, tufted designs evoke a sense of luxury and elegance, and with just as little effort, tufted cushions exude an image of ideal comfort and relaxation. This week, we’re featuring five designs that showcase the exceptional versatility, regality, and timeless quality of tufted furniture.