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Mirror Mirror

A reflection on design. Mirrors, like jewelry, add magic, drama, and mystery to any environment. Here is an in depth look at five of our favorite vehicles into another realm.

As Seen In Ctc&g (connecticut Cottages & Gardens)

As seen in CTC&G (Connecticut Cottages & Gardens) In the November 2018 issue of CTC&G, Suite NY's Rush Daybed by Judy Smilow was featured in "The Handmade Tale" by Mary Fitzgerald. The Woven Rush Daybed is a modern addition to Mel Smilow's Rush Collection, originally designed in 1956. The late Judy Smilow was a champion of [...]

As Seen In Nyc&g (new York Cottages & Gardens)

As seen in NYC&G (New York Cottages & Gardens) In the September 2018 issue of NYC&G, Suite NY's Plisse table by Italian architect, Mario Bellini, was featured in "Shop Talk: design discoveries from New York and beyond" by Caitlin St. John.  The perfect piece to display your reading material or other decorative objects, the Plisse is made entirely [...]

Spotlight On Agapecasa

"Happiness comes from correctness" - Angelo Mangiarotti

Mangiarotti's controlled approach towards design, paired with his unique use of shape and form, distinguished him from other leading figures of the international movement. Emphasizing the correct use of matter and technique, Mangiarotti's pieces blended together industrial principles with visually soft aesthetics. This week we bring you five pieces by highly esteemed architect, designer, and sculptor, Angelo Mangiarotti, brought to life by AgapeCasa.


Metamorphic — The process in which rock undergoes transformation by heat, pressure, or other natural agencies. Metamorphic rock, better known as marble, is one of the oldest materials used in architecture, art, and design. This week we bring you five pieces that highlight the beauty and versatility of marble in design.

Home Work

Upgrade your personal workspace, boost your productivity. By now we all know there is a strong correlation between your space and your workflow. This week we bring you five pieces to elevate your office.