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Fall Equinox

As the summer sun drifts and the dusk of a new season sets in, so does our desire for the warmth and intimacy of autumn. This week we bring you five pieces that evoke the essence of the season. During the transitional fall, rich textures, natural tones, and organic shapes take the spotlight.

Women In Design

Once considered a bit of a boy's club—these extraordinary women certainly found a way to make their mark in the design world. This week we highlight the acclaimed designs by the industry's leading ladies—top talents who are innovating, beautifully.

Shaping Design

Architects and designers draw inspiration from the things around them to create. Be it different materials, colors, or functions, design is shaped by the surrounding environment and the elements in it. This week we bring you five pieces inspired by geometric shapes, designs that take their cue directly from the basic properties of space.

Aspire Design And Home: Bodil KjÆr

ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME: BODIL KJÆR Bodil Kjær was featured by Michele Keith in the Fall 2018 issue of Aspire Design and Home Magazine as "The Great Dane of Design." With a focus on Kjær's collection, Elements of Architecture, Keith writes about the 86-year-old designer and her approach towards functional design as solutions to the problems and inconveniences [...]

On The Floor – Contemporary Icons

As Suite NY evolves, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a select set of designs by emerging icons. Drawing inspiration from our newest showroom pieces, this week we bring you five designs that are both innovative and stunning.