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Spotlight On Bodil KjÆr

SUITE NY is proud to introduce Elements of Architecture, a reissued collection of timeless and iconic pieces by Danish Architect and Professor Bodil Kjær. Her pieces are regarded in high esteem within the design and architecture community, effectively establishing Kjær as a master of mid-century modern design. Her particular objective, creating functional pieces for everyday people, has led to designs focused on healthy and flexible work environments.

Hello Summer

It's that time of the year again: rising temperatures, summer Fridays and weekend getaways. This week we bring you five designs perfectly suited for outdoor use so that you can enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face and the cool evening breeze of a perfect summer day.

Chris Kraig’s Picks

Once again, our Creative Director, Chris Kraig, is taking over our usual Item of the Week to share his favorite pieces of the moment. Take a look at which designs he is most drawn to right now and get his take on why each design is unique.

Introducing: Douglas Fanning

Douglas Fanning is now carried exclusively at SUITE NY!  Designed and crafted in his Brooklyn studio, Douglas Fanning's work examines the space between two points—from history learned to the future imagined. Drawing from art, design, and architectural avenues, Fanning continually pushes the boundaries between form and physics to create clean, fluid, yet uncompromisingly daring pieces. Tapping into his fascination with interpreting architectural concepts into physical form, Fanning's exploratory work hinges on the intersection between balance, proportion, and beauty. Rendering these ideas out of a combination of metal, glass, and stone adds a sculptural materiality to his work, which has attracted some of the most prestigious architecture and interior design firms in the country.