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Fresh On The Floor

As trends change and designers create new pieces, we work diligently to keep our showroom fresh and up to date. With the help of our talented creative director, who hand picks every finish, we are constantly adding the newest designs to our 8,000 square foot showroom. Today is no exception as we present just five of the fresh new samples that have hit the floor within the last two weeks!

Introducing Pp MØbler

Hans J. Wegner's designs have been included in our collection since SUITE NY's inception. Today, we are happy to announce that PP Møbler, a family owned Danish joinery workshop established in 1953, is officially available through our showroom. PP Møbler has a strong tradition for producing high quality furniture and is known for manufacturing some of Hans J. Wegner's most iconic designs including the Flag Halyard (shown above), the Web Chair, the Valet Chair and many more. Our showroom samples of these hand crafted designs are on the floor and ready for you to see in person!

Minty Fresh

Studies show that cool colors like mint green have a zen-like quality that promote peace and calm. We believe the addition of this color to your space is bound to have positive affects! This week, we bring you five designs available in minty fresh hues that are sure to add an air of serenity to your home.

Carl Hansen X Edelman Leather

This past week, SUITE NY unveiled Carl Hansen & Son's stunning new collaboration with Edelman Leather. The collection is only available for show and purchase exclusively through Carl Hansen’s premier dealers. Today, we are excited to introduce these to a larger audience!