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Familiar Shapes

Design, like any form of art, is often inspired by our surroundings. This week, we bring you five pieces that were designed with some recognizable silhouettes in mind.

Quick Ship

Although we may be known for our alluring made-to-order designs, we also have a sizable Quick Ship inventory for those who need new additions to their home in a hurry. This week we would like to showcase a few of our favorite designs that are ready to ship to you today!

Take A Seat

In 2017, we find ourselves sitting for longer periods of time than ever before, which can put significant strain on the lower back. This week we highlight five pieces that aim to improve comfort and productivity with their ergonomic design.

Kid Friendly

Children have the ability to warm a space with the kind of love and laughter that helps turn a house into a home. Unfortunately, our lovely little ones often tend to be messy, clumsy and accident-prone. This can often times make shopping for furniture difficult as finding pieces that both fit your aesthetic and are kid-friendly can be a challenge. Homes with children need pieces that are durable, comfortable and easy to clean. This week, we bring you five designs that are just that.

Introducing Salem

While in Milan, we discovered the unique creations of Salem Van der Swaagh, an emerging and exceptionally talented textile designer out of Berlin, Germany. The designs complement SUITE NY's aesthetics beautifully and it was an easy decision to bring these pillows, rugs and throws into our collection. This week, we would like to introduce you to Salem and who better to do so than Salem herself?


Every avid reader knows the struggle of finding the perfect nook for devouring the latest Best Seller, or a stylish space to keep an ever-expanding book collection. This week we bring you five designs perfectly suited for your inner bookworm, covering the essentials from shelving to lighting.